Friday, April 10, 2015

Now I'm Down in Tribeca, Right Next to De Niro

Tribeca is a quiet area, and home to many, many celebrities; since it's not too touristy, it's a great place for them to hide.  It's one of the most expensive zip codes around for real-estate.  We were wandering around on Monday afternoon, and ended up in Puffy's Tavern.

We asked a patron on the bar stool next to us for a recommendation on where we could find an outdoor patio in the area.  We got chatting, and ended up spending the rest of the evening hanging out and visiting with Phillip, a born and raised New Yorker, who also happens to work with Robert De Niro's son.

He wanted to show us a cool new speakeasy in Tribeca, but as we were leaving he rounded up some strangers who were walking by and insisted that they be in our photo.

Phillip then took us to Bar Cyrk.  When we walked into Cyrk, we were immediately struck by the incredible aroma of truffles

The bar is absolutely gorgeous, with stunning chandeliers, subway tile, old pictures of New York, and a circus theme.  It's insane, in the most beautiful way!  Phillip introduced us to the owner, who along with the lovely bartenders, took care of us all evening. 

We snuck outside to snap a few photos while waiting for our food to arrive.

We ate duck bacon popcorn ...

And the circus wagon pizza, which is basically four pizzas in one.  The pizza was amazing, especially the circus ball pizza (a white pizza with mushrooms, truffle oil, Parmesan). 

Phillip not only gave us an insider's look at NY, and a list of places we have to visit, he also paid for our dinner and drinks!  We are so grateful for all the information he shared with us, as well us his generosity.

We always seem to meet people on vacation!

What city do you live in, and what are three restaurants/bars you'd recommend to us if we were visiting your city?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is so awesome that you made a new friend and had an experience you wouldn't have had otherwise!

It's hard to pick 3 restaurants I would take you to, but if I had to choose, I'd say Marla's Caribbean for a casual dining experience (they make amazing curry), Spoon & Stable because it was nominated for a James Beard award for best new restaurant and is supposed to be amazing (and it would give me an excuse to check it out) and lastly, 112 Eatery because the food is amazing and the prices are really reasonable. But there are SO many other places I would take you guys that you would love!

Anonymous said...

Cool story!

I live in Saskatoon, and I'm sure you guys eat out here more than I do! I know that there are a lot of new places downtown, but we dislike going downtown and just don't go out much. If we ever do go out, I'm hitting you up for recommendations ;)

Most often, we've got the kids in tow and head to BP's close to our house. C'est la vie!