Sunday, March 15, 2015

Seven on Sunday

1)  We had a bunch of organic lemons the other day, so I made a batch of lemon crinkle cookies.  They are so soft and they have such a fresh flavour with real lemon juice and zest.

2)  We were out of our homemade kimchi, so we had to make a stop at the Korean grocery store for some more (until we make another batch).  We got some rice cakes too, and made up a delicious dish of tteokbokki.

3)  Last night we had fettuccine alfredo for supper.  We made an easy alfredo sauce, and served the pasta with focaccia bread.

4)  For breakfast on Saturday I whipped up some overnight oat parfaits.  It's basically just oats, chia seeds, cocoa and chocolate almond milk, mixed and left overnight.  I then make "icecream" with frozen fruit, vanilla and almond milk, and layer the two mixtures.


The weather has been so nice, and this is a perfect nice-weather breakfast.  It's cooling, and healthy.

5)  Today's breakfast was a veggie quiche.

6)  We spent most of the morning planning our honeymoon to New York!  There is so much we want to do.  I love spending a lot of time downtown (which is lower Manhattan, not the Times Square, "midtown" area as some might expect).

7)  I made a couple of chocolate loaves with whiskey, bacon buttercream today.  Yum!  I love using bacon in baking; I've put it in everything from cookies and cupcakes, to cinnamon rolls.

How was your weekend?  How has your Sunday been?  Tell me something that's new with you!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum! All of the food in this post looks so good - as usual! :)

I bet it is so exciting to plot out your plans for your trip to NYC! You guys are going to have the best time.

My weekend was very relaxing which was just what I needed. We had a dinner out with friends on Friday, lunch out with Phil's mom yesterday and we stayed in last night. Today has been a really quiet day which has been great as I feel rested and restored for the week to come!