Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nephew Day

I picked the little guy up from my sister's in the late morning.  We had a little bike ride, and "snack picnic".  He picked cheese & crackers, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, and olives for the snacks.

After biking back home, we walked to The Science Centre.  We started with IMAX: Flight of the Butterflies 3D, and we both really enjoyed it.

Next, was the traveling Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit.

And then the permanent Science Centre exhibits.

We walked home and built a dinosaur ...

And then Giovanni played while I made peach iced tea and popsicles.

We were both excited for uncle Christopher to come home, as he had something fun planned for dinnerHe taught Giovanni how to make sushi (Gio's favourite food).

We had three kinds: kimchi, crab and avocado, and veggie.

And then I got to dine with the two cutest boys on the planet.

Lucky me!! 

Have you ever rolled sushi at home?  
(I've never made it myself, but I watched today as the boys made it, so I think I've got it!)

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I can't believe how big your nephew is getting! Sounds like you guys had such a fun day. I should take my nephews to the Science Museum here as I am sure they would love it! That is cool that you were able to walk to the Museum where you live!

I have made sushi a couple of times. My brother took a class so we've made it a couple of times and then my friend had an asian-food themed 30th birthday party and one food guests could eat was sushi that we rolled ourselves. It was awesome!