Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Family. Love.

Recently we had a family gathering ... the last family gathering before a new little family member arrivesMel and Steve will soon be welcoming a precious baby girl into their lives, and we're all so excited. 

We made a bunch of snacks and had the family over for a backyard gathering.  We brought out the tiki torches, bought a keg, and made sure the yard was ready for our favourite peeps.

In addition to the gorgeous Melody and Steven, our other guests were Victoria and William:

Mom and Dad:

And well, we were there too ...

It was a wonderful afternoon with great food, family, and laughter.  We are so excited for the next family gathering that should be extra special with a little baby girl there to make us all smile.

When was your last family gathering?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like so much fun and the food looks amazing as usual! How exciting that you guys are going to have a niece soon!

My last family gathering was for the 4th of July and luckily I've got another one coming up this weekend! All of my siblings and their spouses and kids are coming home. It's a big deal as we aren't all together very often. Plus my mom is having a bunch of her siblings and their families over on Saturday so it will be a weekend full of family. And food. I can't wait!