Friday, August 22, 2014

Montreal Part 4

Getting out of one of the metro stations in Montreal, we saw a public piano that anyone could sit at and play.  We've heard a lot of great musicians playing around town, on the street, or underground by the metro.  The appreciation for the arts here is very evident.

On Tuesday we took the metro to the Biodome

We explored the biodome, insectarium, and the botanical gardens.  Our favourite part of the insectarium was the huge ant colony exhibit.  It was absolutely fascinating, and I could have watched the ants all day.  The worker ants all climbed up a few different branches, and were slowly clearing all of the leaves and flowers from the tree, and returning pieces back to the colony.  You could watch hundreds on their travels up to the foliage, and then see them come back down again with their haul.

This was not behind glass, so you could really get close and watch the little guys carefully.

We also really liked the botanical gardens.

After recently seeing Flight of the Butterflies at the Imax, it was really cool to see a monarch sanctuary in person, with a tagged monarch hanging out.

After an educational, and fun morning, we moved along to Old Montreal.  The area was beautiful, but honestly, not really our speed.  There were quite a few chain restaurants, and nothing but souvenir shops, lineups, and streets crowded with tourists.  We had initially planned on going into the Notre Dame Basilica, but there was no way we were waiting in the line.

We stopped and shared some veggies and wonton tacos in a sports bar.

The wonton tacos were fantastic!

The day was great, but the evening was even better - more to come.

Happy Friday!  What are you up to this weekend?
(We're spending Saturday in Montreal, and Sunday doing nothing but watching TV, eating vegetables, and relaxing at home).

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that they have a public piano! That is so cool! It's too bad that Old Montreal is commercialized w/ chains and such. Booo. I can't wait to hear where you ended up going for dinner and what you ate!