Thursday, August 21, 2014

Montreal Part 3

Remember when I said that the line for Schwartz's was really long? 

Proof ...

For breakfast on Monday we shared a crepe from La Crepe 2Go.  The service at this little mom-n-pop shop was excellent.

We wandered around Jean-Talon market, and learned a little bit about one of our favourite spices, turmeric.  Apparently solid turmeric is as hard as stone, and regular spice grinders cannot be used for it.  You either need a stone mortar and pestle, or a new grinder that's the only one of it's kind. 

We bought a small spice grinder (not the fancy one that can grind turmeric, since I doubt we can get solid turmeric at home anyway).  We also picked up some really strong, dried mushroom sausage.

It made a great snack with some wine, cheese, and beer sausage.

We visited The Main for a smoked meat poutine, as recommended by our friend Jesa.  It was delicious!  We shared this one, but could have definitely gone for another right after!!  The menu at this restaurant looked incredible - we sort of wanted to eat everything.

For dinner in the evening we visited Burritoville, also recommended to us by a friend, Elaina.  The food was fresh, nutritious, and full of flavour, and the live music made it even better.  We've been enjoying vegetarian meals in between smoked meat and poutine (you know, balance).

Tonight we're going out for a fancy dinner!

What's on the menu for you this evening?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, all of that food looks so good, especially the crepes. Crepes are one of my favorite foods! I love that you are trying all these different poutines! Last night we had the most boring dinner. I was so zapped after our run as it was so humid so Phil had leftover Indian food and I had scrambled eggs and hash browns.

eat my blog! said...

I lived 3 blocks down from Schwartz's for 3 years.. unfortunately i was a veggie at the time and never even tried it! I'm loving your MTL posts though they're making me homesick :)