Friday, August 22, 2014

I Apologize in Advance for the Yum that is to Follow; Now you have to go to Montreal. Oh Yeah, Montreal: Part 5

I'm lucky that Christopher loves good quality, local food, just as much as I do.  Neither of us are interested in dining at fast food restaurants, or chain restaurants on vacation (or ever, really), and a big part of our travel centers around exploring the cuisine of our destination.  We've definitely ate our way across Montreal over the course of the week, and even locals were surprised at how well we researched the food before arriving. 

We watched a few food TV shows on YouTube last week, including Bizarre Eats.  One of the dishes featured was a duck poutine, and Christopher was sooooooo excited to try this (okay, I was pretty excited too).  There is a store in Montreal called Lac Brome Lake that sells a huge selection of duck, fois gras, and other duck products. 

Next door, is a fabulous gin-centered pub, called Le Pourvoyeur, that uses it's neighbors products to make their poutine canard, a duck poutine, or a little bowl of heaven.

We showed up pretty early in the day on Monday, but saw that the pub did not open until 3:00.  The boy insisted that we come back the next day at 3:00 on the dot.  After touring the biodome, insectarium, botanical gardens, and Old Montreal, we made our way back to Le Pourvoyeur and ordered the epic duck poutine.

The fries are fried in duck fat.  They are then topped with squeaky cheese curds, and fois gras gravy.  If that's not enough, it's then topped with duck confit.

Oooooooooooh mammma!  Let's have one last look at that, shall we ...

It did not disappoint.  As our fabulous server described it; it's fatastic!  Or maybe she said fatasstic.  Hmmmmmmm.

After this epic dining experience, we went and danced the calories off during a three hour DJ set by Mr. Scruff, a British electronic music producer, whom we really enjoy. 

We felt pretty lucky that we stumbled upon this poster a few days prior, and there were still tickets available.  The venue was the tiniest I've ever been in, which made it even better.

Opener Andy Williams - sooooo good too!
We danced until our legs no longer worked, and then managed to walk home on wobbly legs, stopping to grab a smoked meat sandwich and a little dish of spaghetti to-go.  We were hoping for a side of ride-home, but they didn't seem to offer that at the restaurant.  Our feet were soooooo tired!

Would you try a duck poutine?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that duck poutine sounds over-the-top good! I have had duck but only in France. I really liked it, though, which surprised me. So I think I would try duck poutine.

Sounds like you had a really fabulous day!