Sunday, September 12, 2010


It was unplanned, but my eats were superbly rich this weekend.

I get sick of really rich foods quite quickly, and can only handle them in small doses, therefore I didn't finish any of my plates this weekend.  I am now jonesing for a Green Monster and a pound of lettuce.

On Friday night the hubby and I went out for dinner for our friend Jocelyn's 30th birthday! 
We went to the Fireside Bistro, where we split some bruschetta and red wine.  I ordered the Prawns Thermador as my main course.  It was the richest dish I have ever had (and not the greatest).  I gave some prawns away because I just wasn't feeling it.  I should never have ordered it because I wasn't in the mood for something rich, especially after having leftover Swiss steak for lunch.  I ordered a beer for dessert :-)
 Genius move Jolene. 

We had a relaxing Saturday morning.  We enjoyed the pancake mix that we bought in Calgary at Sunterra:

Lunch was 1 cup of broccoli soup and a small piece of wifesaver breakfast.

On Saturday evening we stayed in, had a roast chicken dinner with all the fixings and some red wine again!

This morning we got up early to watch our friends finish their half marathon.  The hubby never gets to see other people race because he is always racing, so this time he got to be a spectator.  I made his and her oats before we left.

Chocolate Maple Latte Oats
(makes 2 servings)

1 cup coffee
1 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze
1 cup quick oats
1.5 T Mighty Maple PB (PB & Co.)
2 tsp maple flakes
1 tsp chocolate chips

Bring liquid to a boil.  Stir in oats for 1 minute.  Remove from heat, and cover for 3 minutes.
Stir in PB.  Put oats into bowls and sprinkle with maple flakes.

We shared a really unhealthy lunch at Costco (Pizza and Poutine).

The hubby's family came over for dinner this evening.  
We made a chicken chipotle soup, poblano pepper crepes, Irish bread, and a chocolate banana creme pie.  I may or may not have had some more red wine ;-)

(making the crepes)


(Pibil pork)

(crepes stuffed with Pibil pork and a little sprinkle of cheese)

(crepes topped with poblano pepper sauce)

 (homemade Irish bread)

 (chicken, black bean chipotle soup)

(chocolate, banana cream pie)

What is the most RICH dish you have ever eaten?
Do you like rich foods, or do you prefer lighter fare?

Although my eats were good this weekend, I am so sick of rich food.  I need me some salad!
(Unfortunately we made enough crepes to feed an army - any takers?)


Amy said...

Forget what foods I prefer, and screw anyone who says I eat the same thing over and over. I would eat your cooking any day!!

Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman said...

That's how I feel when I come home from vacation. I usually eat too much rich food and by the time I get home I'm craving a week of salads. Mostly though, the richest foods I eat are desserts.

Simply Life said...

I definitely prefer lots of lighter fare!

Anonymous said...

i prefer lighter eats. it is super fun to enjoy rich foods every now and again, but too much in one weekend leaves me feeling sluggish and craving veggies and a work out.

have a good week!

Anonymous said...

bah i loveee rich foods but after awhile if it's too cheesy or greasy I get grossed out. Rich DESSERTS though I can handle!! Fried cheese with mexican sausage threw my stomach into a loop..that's for sure!

Kat said...

Just freeze the crepes! Thats what I do. Then I reheat them for breakfast or whatever I want :) I ate junk all weekend and am so craving some fresh eats. Too many chips for me!

Amber said...

I had a lot of RICH foods this weekend too! Now I have a bit of a food hangover this morning :S

Anonymous said...

I like foods that are rich on occasion, but after eating them a lot, I crave lighter stuff. My body can't handle all of the rich stuff anymore!

Anonymous said...

Mighty Maple is my FAVORITE of all the PB&Co... it makes the best banana soft serve! But what are these maple flakes you use and where can I get some? If you tell me Sunterra I'm going to cry... I spent 6 years living in Calgary about a 3 minute walk from one and I miss it more than words can say!

I can't even remember the last time I ate something that would be considered "rich"... I definitely prefer the lighter stuff.

Kacy said...

I definitely want some leftover crepes! ;)

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

Chocolate Maple Latte Oats -nice!

and the choc banana cream pie and the (chicken, black bean chipotle soup) all looks great!

i love rich foods, a BITE or TWO. But mostly I like raw, wholesome fresh foods that are unprocessed too much, raw salads for me these days are better than lobster tails dipped in butter :)

Joanne said...

I tend to prefer lighter fare these days. My GI tract can't handle rich foods very well anymore - although I do love dessert, no matter how rich. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hmmm, it's tough to think of a 'rich' dish because I don't eat rich foods very often... I would have to say this mac and cheese that i had year ago that had like 5 different kinds of cheese. It was heaven in a bowl but wow I was sick after eating it (even though I maybe ate 1/4).

I guess you could say I am not much of a 'rich' eater... I usually steer away from things w/ a creme sauce as it bothers my stomach... I prefer lighter fare in general...

Wow, lots of good eats in your world, though!

Yelena said...

Oh my goodness- I can't believe you can get poutine at Costco. Nothing like that in California :)

Russian food is really rich and I am good with some dark, rich chocolate, but I don't crave savory rich foods.

I am sure your body will be happy with a little bit of green monster health food!

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

I'll trade you some pumpkin beer for some crepes!

Kelsey Ann said...

how do u think of something as amazing as maple chocolate latte oats!!!!! that would be killer for breakfast!! <3


Anonymous said...

The only time I've watched anyone race is when I've finished mine and watch people come in behind me :-)