Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easy Green Curry


couple of weeks ago I made 2 pans of Wifesaver breakfast.  I froze one and served the other at a brunch with friends.  This meal freezes very well, and it tasted absolutely fabulous when I had it for breakfast this morning.  We put the frozen Wifesaver in our oven last night and set the timer on the oven to start at 4:30 a.m..  I was awoken by the delicious smell of Wifesaver at 6:28 a.m., just before my alarm.  Ahhhh, the sweet, sweet smell of an effortless breakfast.


I had a good day at work today.  It is much easier to go back to work on a Tuesday than a Monday!
Lunch was a bowl of clam chowder, a cheese string, and snap peas.
We had a farewell celebration at work for a colleague who is moving to a new school.  I nibbled on a few goodies in the staffroom (cake, pie, chips and dip - a bit of each).

We wanted a fast, yet delicious dinner for today.

I threw some tofu, green pepper, spinach and tomato in with this curry sauce, warmed it up, and served it over sticky rice:

I am impressed with the quality, short ingredient list, and great taste of this curry sauce.  We have tried the yellow, green, and red curries that this brand makes, and all have been fabulous.  The ingredient list is short, and I recognize every ingredient.  If you love curries, you should give this stuff a shot! (I bought this stuff at Wal-Mart for about $1.00, believe it or not).

Have you ever made a Wifesaver breakfast or other 1-dish breakfast recipe?  Breakfast casserole?
Any winning breakfast recipes that you'd like to share?

The Wifesaver breakfast is perfect for brunch.  You can serve it with fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, OJ, coffee, and bacon.  Ahhh, bacon.


Amber said...

That looks good! I've never heard of it!

Simply Life said...

Great to see your curry recipe -thanks! I think I just need to find that sauce!

Anonymous said...

i love everything you make because of the NAMES...from the cocktails you drink to the dishes you make...they always have names! I call mine "chicken with blah"!! maybe I'm just googling the wrong thing...bahahah. And I can't imagine being a teacher..I would be eating THE WORLD at those lil gatherings! my go to breakfast is always...choco chip pancakes!

Kyle and Darci said...

love the breakfast idea!!

and i 100% agree w/you...i think the work week should start on a tuesday, not monday!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Dinner looks great. Not sure I've seen a can of curry sauce already made - just paste or powders. I guess my fast breakfast recently has been overnight oats (but I heat mine up the next day).

Kat said...

I am dying to try that dish!! There is also a sweet potato casserole that I am working on perfecting for turkey day :) I think it will be the perfect sweet side dish!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever made a Wifesaver breakfast!

Kacy said...

I will have to look for that Curry sauce. What a steal!

Anonymous said...

Both my BF and I grew up with family traditions of Wifesaver for breakfast on Christmas morning. It's perfect because you can pop it in the oven before opening presents and by the time you're done... it's done!

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

I don't know if I have every made a breakfast casserole before, but I love eating them!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The only breakfast dish type of things I've made are these mini-quiche type of things that were made in a muffin tin. It was a low cal recipe and dear Lord, they were horrible. Like inedible. I haven't tried again since then... But i do love egg bakes. I just have a hard time finding ones I can eat because many call for hashbrowns (which have gluten) or for some sort of bread (again, gluten). I really want to try to find a good frittata recipe to try one of these weekends!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

wifesaver, love that one!

and what you told me about memories being in your heart, not material stuff..totally true!!

the food photography on your last 2 bowls w/ the chopsticks is lovely. makes me want to dive into them!