Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1)  There are four flavours of Lays chips available for a short time.  People can vote on their favorite to become an official new flavour.  We tried all four and liked the Scalloped Potato ones the best.

I think the US had better flavour choices than we did in Canada. 

2)  We've been loving the newer Cliff bars, with tasty chunks of chocolate in them.  I got a bunch of samples in the mail, and we've been sharing and savouring them.  Soooo good!  Thanks to the people at Cliff bar for the free samples!

3)  When I was in grade 8 we did a novel study on the book, The Giver.  Christopher had the same grade 8 English teacher as I did, and he also remembers studying this book.  It is still one of my favorites today.  Did you know there are three sequels?!  They are so good!  I read them all last year, and couldn't get enough of them.  A friend at work bought me the box set as a going away gift at the end of June - so nice of her.

If you're a fan of The Giver, you have to check out the others!

4)  Exactly 18 days from now we'll be taking off on a trip to Mexico!!  Last year we went to this resort, and we've been missing it ever since.  In February we tried a different resort, and although it was good, it couldn't compare to our favourite.  We're pumped to get away!

5)  I've been hooked on turmeric tea lately.  We've been trying to incorporate a lot of turmeric into our diets, both for the delicious taste, and the incredible health benefits. 

6)  Christopher made a tasty breakfast both Saturday and Sunday.  He loves making me breakfast, and I don't mind one bit!

7)  Each week we plan our dinners for the week, and then make a list and buy groceries for those meals, in addition to any other grocery items we need.  We also plan for lunches.  On Sunday evening we made a big batch of Asian noodles so that we'd have lunches for Monday and Tuesday.

This noodle dish is one of our go-to lunch ideas, because it is easy, and sooooo delicious - especially with some sriracha on top.

8)  Sunday was such a beautiful day.  We sat outside all afternoon in our backyard, and then grilled up some ribs for dinner.

9)  Last night we roasted portobello mushrooms, topped those with saganaki cheese, and enjoyed that with a side caesar salad.

10)  For dinner this evening, we met up with family, Victoria, William, and baby Elizabeth at an Irish restaurant in town, Shannon's.  Christopher's corned beef dish was absolutely fantastic.

My shepherd's pie was not great.  It needed gravy (or something saucy) within in it.  It was really dry.

How is your week going so far?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I loved The Giver but haven't read the other books so I will have to check those out!! And I am happy to see that that Cliff bar says it's GF as a lot of their bars weren't GF in the past! I'll have to check them out!

How exciting that you guys are going to Mexico! That will be a great getaway for you guys. Phil and I need to start talking about a winter getaway. I definitely have to go somewhere in January or February to make the winter here tolerable.

My week is going well so far but it's been busy as I was in Chicago Mon/Tues. Last night we stayed in and made dinner (muffaletta style meatloaf which was soooo good), tonight I have a meeting after work and tomorrow night I have book club! So much stuff but most of it is fun so I can't complain.