Sunday, December 15, 2019

Thankful Part 2

Thirty Thankful Questions were making their way around the blog world. I answered ten of them in Part 1 here.  These are the next ten:

11) The best song I heard yesterday was probably Light On by Maggie Rogers.  It wasn't yesterday, but last Saturday night I loved the two songs that DaBaby performed on SNL.

12) When I look inside my closet, I'm grateful that I have had many of the pieces for years, and I still like them. 

13) I'm lucky that I'm smart enough to figure out whatever I care enough to figure out.  Anything is interesting if one chooses to take an interest in it.  With interest, I feel like I could learn whatever I wanted to learn.

14) At this moment, the things I love most about my friends are how well the conversation flows with them, and how interesting our conversations are.  I love how they are present and not on their phones when socializing.  It is so frustrating to try and have a conversation with someone who constantly looks at their phone, or is too preoccupied to maintain a sustained conversation.  My friends aren't like that, and it's really nice. 

15) I'm grateful that my hands can hold all the things I need to hold.  My mom has lost most of her hand dexterity, so I'm conscious and aware of these movements and motions regularly and feel grateful to have them.

16) The prettiest thing I saw yesterday was our home.  I think our house looks the best at Christmas when it's filled with colour and lights.  It's lovely to sit down at the dinner table in the evening, with soft jazz playing in the background, and the brightly lit tree in front of the dark window.

17) When I look in the mirror, I'm grateful for the smile on my face.  Ups, downs, whatever life brings - it's pretty rare to see me without a smile and a positive attitude.

18) Three of my most prized possessions are the ring on my finger, my kitchen table, and I don't know the third.  I value these things because they are beautiful and not easily replaceable however I have never really thought about this topic before, so there could be something I'm missing.

19) I'm grateful that my eyes let me see the beauty in difference.

20) The things I would never change about myself include my drive, my patience, and my curiosity. (I believe that if you're not curious, you're not learning.)

Choose a couple of the questions above and answer in the comments!
How was your weekend?  Do you feel ready for Christmas?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It was fun to read your answers - I am glad you are playing along! My heart broke a little at your comment on my post about your grandma's piano. I so wish it would have fit into your home. :(

I had to really think about 3 things I treasure because we are just not physical possession people!

I do feel pretty ready for Christmas but I can't believe it's a week from Wednesday!! Time is just flying. We are hosting Christmas in our home for the first time ever! I planned out our menu last night. I'm really excited to create the meal that I want. I always enjoy Christmas at my MIL's but there are things I want to do differently - like make homemade GF cinnamon rolls on Christmas Day. My MIL doesn't really enjoy cooking/baking so I am glad to take on the work. :)