Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Festive Weekend

This past weekend we planned to get festive with snacks, Christmas movies, and a whole lot of relaxing.  December is a really rough month for Christopher at work, and his alarm has been going off at 4:30 a.m. for way too many days, which means both of us (but especially him) are not getting the sleep we need.  We purposely avoid taking on anything extra in December, because it's just too much, and we don't want to end up sick or miserable.  We give ourselves permission to order in if we don't feel like cooking (we did that twice in December), and to just snack in the living room instead of having a full meal at the table.

On Friday evening we pulled together some easy snacks for dinner and headed straight to the couch.

Not long after eating, we were falling asleep.

The next morning we made this coffee:

Lit this candle (I am a sucker for nice candles, and this one was a thoughtful gift):

And then we prepped a snacky breakfast.  We had little hashbrown cups, Pilsbury cinnamon rolls (they weren't good), hardboiled eggs, and fruit.

We put on a movie, and just nibbled all morning.

Christopher also got some maple brown sugar salmon going in the smoker.  It smelled amazing in the cool air.

We basically didn't leave the couch all day, and it was absolutely glorious.  We read, watched shows and movies, and snacked.

Our lunch was this plate of crispy wings with hot sauce for dipping:

In the evening we ordered the best ginger beef (from Peking House - thanks to some friends for the recommendation!), and mixed vegetables.  We ate a bit and then had some cheeses and crackers, etc. later on.


It was the perfect Christmasy day in our cozy little home.

We couldn't make it through all of Saturday Night Live, but we tried!

The next morning we ate some of the salmon that Christopher smoked.

In the afternoon our friends Matt and Alissa had us over, along with another couple, Fanta and Keith (and their absolutely adorable new addition, Zachary).  We visited over so many delicious cheeses, meats, olives, drinks, desserts, and pizza!


It was so, so wonderful, and exactly what we needed.  Matt and Alissa live super close to us and are planning on moving, but we are hoping they'll move even closer!! 😉 (Neighbors?)

Christopher was up very early for work again today, but his boss was making all the couriers breakfast, which is really nice.  I had a yogurt bowl and some leftover hashbrown cups, and now I'm going to get to work on a batch of cabbage rolls to take to my sister's place tonight for family Christmas with my side. 

How are you spending Christmas Eve?  
What month is the craziest for you at work? 
(September and June are always a blur for me!)

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm glad you guys had a chance to have a quiet day together. I can only imagine how busy Christopher has been since this is the prime season for package delivery!!

Our Christmas Eve was so much fun. We went to church with some of Phil's family and then went over to their house for a big gathering. We had so much fun and Paul got tons of attention and presents. He really loved all the attention, especially from Phil's cousins daughters who are 18 and 24. Paul definitely knows how to flirt!

Our busiest season at work is quarter end, so Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct. Jan is the busiest quarter end as we have a lot of things we have to do on an annual basis. I like the busy season, though, as it's not too frantic for me and the days go by really fast!