Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Food Products Finds

A couple weekends ago we went out to some smaller food shops within Regina, and ended up having a lot of luck stumbling upon foods that we weren't expecting to find.  We started at the Farmers' Market, where we found everything we were there for, including edible flowers.

Then we went to check out a gorgeous bakery - Queen City Cakes.

I was so excited to see that they sell butterfly pea flowers!  These were something I forgot to bring home from Thailand, and I figured I'd have to order online.  They are used in making an all-natural blue food colouring.  I have plans for them ...

Of course we couldn't leave without taking a few goodies to-go:

If you're ever needing a cake for a special occasion within Regina, check out Queen City Cakes!  They have excellent customer service, and the cakes are stunning.

Next we went to Tony's India Food Centre.  We were pleased to see that they had fresh scotch bonnet peppers, which are difficult to find in the city, and they also had dried ghost peppers.

Christopher neeeeds these extremely hot peppers, and we can never find them fresh.  Even though he makes his own hot sauce, we also picked up this Trinidad scorpion sauce, because it sounded good.

It's tasty, and really spicy!

We were shocked to see that the India Food Centre also had these fried mung beans, which was another ingredient we used in Thailand, but we never, ever thought we'd find in our city.

I was pretty pumped, as I figured we'd have to sub a completely different ingredient in for these.

Finally we hit the Italian Star Deli.  We were picking up burrata, but ended up finding mini lasagna-like noodles that I have been wanting to cook with.

It was a day full of foodie surprises!

We love supporting smaller, local shops, and they are great for finding rare and unique ingredients.  A favourite of ours is Takeaway Gourmet.  It is the place to buy cheese, charcuterie, gorgeously prepared cheese boards, condiments, etc.  Before any celebration, dinner party, or even weekend, we usually make a stop at Takeaway Gourmet; it's a must-do.

Oooooh, and look what we found in a grocery store in Edmonton!!!!!

If we were looking for a reason to go back to Edmonton, we found it.

Dear Lays,

Please sell all the flavours everywhere.  
Seriously though, be cool.


Everyday Foodie 

Do you shop at any smaller food stores in your city?
What is your favourite local, specialty food shop? 
Are there any foods you have a tough time finding in your city?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's great that you have a selection of specialty food stores in your city. That can be hard to find in smaller cities. We have a lot of specialty food stores here in Minneapolis but I do not go to them very often. I did go to one when I made some Indian dishes a couple of years ago. We tend to hit up the specialty food stores when we have Julia Child night, though. We are on a little hiatus from having JC night, though. Hopefully we bring back the tradition in the next couple of years.

My favorite specialty place is a gluten free bakery. They used to have stands are farmer's markets but they got a retail space about 18 months ago. I need to go there more often to support them but it's dangerous to walk in there because I want ALL THE FOODS!! :) Another specialty store I love is another bakery called Cocoa & Fig. They have the best macarons. They did the dessert table at our wedding which was amazing in my opinion. ;)