Monday, May 27, 2019

Eats of May

This month we've been on the go a lot.  We had a weekend in Saskatoon, a weekend of family dinners, and then a weekend in Edmonton.  During the weeknights we've kept ourselves busy buying and planting flowers:

And doing some cooking:


One evening the majority of our dinner was this gorgeous loaf of beet sourdough bread, that Christopher's aunt got us:


Another night we had a super satisfying veggie dinner, including potato, asparagus, and spaghetti squash:

An easy dinner on a busy evening was fish (the frozen battered kind) and curly fries:

A green smoothie to drink for some added nutrients ...

We tried a new recipe for ginger meatballs in a coconut broth:

We'll make the meatballs again for sure, but we'll invent our own sauce, as we'd like the flavours to be a bit stronger.  It was really good though!

One night we made Thai larb with lettuce wraps:

And another day chicken with a lemon thyme cream sauce:

This past weekend we went out for dinner with Christopher's brother and his wife, and enjoyed catching up over sushi

We also had fun at our friends' daughter's first birthday party 💛

Breakfasts lately have included smoked salmon toast:

Veggies and fruit:

A cheese and green onion omelet, with a bit of overnight oats:

A skillet full of veggies, egg, and cheese:

Oatmeal with fruit:

And yogurt with fruit:

It has been so beautiful out, so we have spent a bit of time sitting in the yard, and plan to do a lot more of that this week.

Last night we sat outside while grilling cedar plank salmon, sweet potato, and asparagus.

It was so lovely listening to the birds chirping, and smelling the fresh air.  After how long our winter felt, we are really appreciating the chance to be outside, and we want to spend as much time in the outdoors as we can this summer.

I had a summery breakfast this morning; along with a one-egg cheese and onion omelet, I also had a bowl of ice cream!

It's healthy ice cream, made with only a frozen banana, frozen blueberries, and coconut milk.  I put a sprinkle of cacao nibs on top - a delicious start to the morning.

Tonight Christopher is making dak galbi, so I am off to eat that!

Have a fabulous week everyone.

What have you been cooking/ eating lately?  
Did you plant any flowers this year? 

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, all of your eats look so good - as usual! The cedar plank salmon looks yummy! Phil is not a big fan of salmon so we rarely have it. But I eat salads most weeks in the summer so I should make some to put on salads one of these weeks.

We did not plant any flowers this year but my MIL did give us a planter full of pansies for our front steps. We haven't had much sun, though, so they haven't grown much. It's been such a rainy May here. Like the 8th rainest May since the 1860s or something like that. We probably moved up from 8th place after all the rain we got yesterday, though! I did plant my garden but I planted less this year as I got super overwhelmed with my garden last summer!