Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Breakfasts in Chiang Mai

At Akyra Manor our breakfast was included each day of our stay, at their lovely restaurant, Italics

They have a large breakfast menu, and each person can choose two dishes from it (they are smaller sized portions), in addition to choosing items from the buffet (juices, cereals, pastries, cheese, meats, etc.).

And if that's not enough, the servers also bring out a tiered tray each morning with fresh fruit, baking, and a hot dish.  Between the tiered serving tray, the buffet, and the menu items, we had more than enough to eat.

We had breakfast at Italics a lot, but also wanted to head out to try a few other places.

One restaurant we really enjoyed, and visited twice, was Manifreshto.  Their fresh smoothies and juices were excellent.

Another day we went to the beautiful outdoor eating area at Rustic and Blue.  Christopher had a smoothie bowl, and I barely made a dent in the massive plate of chicken and waffles.

One afternoon we were wandering and came across Fuu, not far from our hotel.  I had been wanting to try soufflĂ© pancakes for a while, so we made sure to stop in for breakfast.

They tasted just as delicious as I expected them to, and we went back one more time before our trip was over.

The breakfast options in Chiang Mai are endless.  Khao soi is also a popular breakfast item!  I usually lean toward savory breakfasts, but the waffle from Italics, and those soufflĂ© pancakes swayed me to the sweet side, at least for a few days.

Do you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, the hotel breakfast looked amazing! I can see why you ventured out to try some other things, though, as the other breakfasts you had looked amazing, too! I am definitely more of a savory breakfast person but that's a result of my gluten intolerance. It's hard to find sweet things that are GF. Sometimes I will encounter GF pancakes or waffles but I tend to still order something savory as sweet things can kind of give me a stomach ache if I eat them too early in the day!

Thanks for all the comments on my posts! That was nice of you to go back and read stuff that I posted while you were on vacation! Bummer about you coming back to snow! It's been so cold and rainy here. I had to pull out Paul's mittens for a walk last night. I packed them away a couple of weeks ago as I was SO SURE we wouldn't need them anymore. Wrongo.