Monday, May 6, 2019

David's Kitchen & B. Samcook Home 16

The service we received at two of Chiang Mai's highest rated restaurants, was unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

One evening we went to David's Kitchen, a restaurant that came in 10th place in the world on Trip Advisor for fine dining restaurants.  We had reservations, but probably arrived about 15 minutes early.  To our surprise, two people came out to the vehicle to greet us, and walk us in.  We didn't let anyone know that we were on our way, but they were ready for us.  They led us to a table that had a card printed out welcoming us by name, as well as cute folded napkins.

The server brought out a delicious amuse bouche:

And then we ordered the escargot, and a lovely citrus salad:

Christopher had the tuna, and I had the lobster pasta.

We really enjoyed our food, and how unpretentious the restaurant was; sometimes we find fine dining places sort of stuffy, but this one wasn't.

We had another great dining experience at B. Samcook Home 16.  It's casual, funky, and fully booked until about August.

There is no ordering, you just eat what the chef is making that night.  Our server brought us the menu for the evening, along with the first beverage.

The first course was a crab meat spring roll:

Then shrimp tom yum, coconut soup, which was fabulous - so flavourful:

Next were pork ribs with a garlic pepper sauce:

And a pretty blue drink:

The next dish was grilled salmon with spicy lime sauce:

And then duck leg with mixed berry sauce:

Finally we got a little dessert and third beverage:

The chef said we could also take an ice cream treat from the freezer - haha!  We were way too stuffed to eat any ice cream, and I feel bad, because Christopher ate at least half of all of my portions.  I have to remember that I just can't eat enough in one sitting to do tasting menus.  It was a really unique dining experience, and we enjoyed how casual it was, yet how beautifully the food was presented, and how fresh and scrumptious everything was.

The craziest part was at the end of the evening when the chef came to our table and asked what hotel we were staying in; he said he'd have his driver take us back!  Talk about service!

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you experienced such amazing service at both restaurants! I like that neither of them were super stuffy. The stuffiness of fine dining is kind of a turn off for Phil and me. I know some people expect that but we don't feel super comfortable with all the attention and pomp and circumstance at times!

Our weekend was really nice. We stayed in on Friday night. On Saturday morning Paul had swimming lessons in the morning and then we went to my friend's daughter's first communion open house party in the afternoon. On Sunday I went to the Pink concert with girlfriends which was super fun. She put on a really great show. Besides that, we went for walks to the park each day which was fun. Paul loves swimming and going down the slide with me. he just giggles and giggles!