Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Yesterday morning we woke up to this ...

And then we got more today.  Laaaaaaaaaame. 

See the potted plant on our front step?  We weren't ready for this, and still haven't put away our lawn furniture, covered our air conditioner, or put our potted plants into the garage.

The majority of the leaves in our yard haven't even fallen yet, and are still green

Speaking of green, we've been getting loads of greens in over the past week, having numerous plant-based meals.  The other evening we had salad and a green juice for dinner.  Most mornings lately I've been enjoying a grapefruit, and a smoothie with banana, spinach, blackberries, coconut water, and coconut kefir.

Tonight we had broccoli balls (made with chickpeas and veggies), chimichurri sauce, potato, and salad.  I feel my best when I load up on plants, so we're really making an effort to get tonnes of them into our meals.

Last night we took my dad our for dinner to Swiss Chalet.  I got the quarter chicken with some veggies and a potato on the side (and two dipping sauces, because they are my fave).

It was way too much food, and I left a good portion behind, but it was satisfying and delicious.

This month is off to a snowy, but great start, and I am looking forward to what the rest of the month will bring.

Is it snowing where you are?  How are you getting your fruits and veggies in?  Have you cleaned up your yard for winter?


Amber said...

We got our first big snow fall this year on September 11. Luckily most of it has melted, but they are forecasting more this weekend. Nooo. Too soon! Though last year we had a huge snow storm on October 25 and then it stayed throughout the whole entire winter, so I guess mid-October isn't crazy. Wahhh

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh! It’s way too soon for snow! I saw pics a friend in Calgary posted and it looked like they got a ton of snow. We have not had snow yet. Yesterday was really warm and humid during the day and then the temps dropped like 30 degrees after a big rain and hail storm moved through. I had to put a winter hat on Paul and I took out our winter car seat cover. Crazy how much the weather can change from day to day! We have not gotten our yard ready for winter yet. The leaves haven’t changed here yet so we will rake in late October or November. I did clean out my garden a couple of weekends ago. I usually do that in October but I did it early this year since I was not getting over to my garden much and was feeling awful about how bad it looked!!

I used to eat salads for lunch every day and that was one way I got lots of veggies in but now I eat soups or chili for lunch since it’s less work than assembling salads. So I am probably not getting enough veggies in my diet or as many as I would like!