Saturday, October 20, 2018

Magical Butter Melting Chocolate

I have bought a lot of melting chocolate for making cake pops over the years, and the only real option I found were those waxy discs that usually melt well, but don't taste that great.

Magical Butter contacted me about a higher-quality melting chocolate that they make, which has the flavour of a high-end Belgium chocolate, but that melts like craft store chocolate.  The chocolates come in dark, milk, or white, and are perfect for dipping cake pops, or making candies and other confections.

We decided to use candy molds for our first try with this chocolate.  I melted the chocolate down and easily poured it into the molds, then simply let it harden in the fridge.


They popped right out of the molds after hardening.  These chocolates were really creamy and had a great flavour - much, much better than the candy melts we're used to.

Magical Butter also makes their chocolates out of ethically traded ingredients, which is important to us.  They are gluten-free, peanut/nut-free, kosher, egg-free, and contain no hydrogenated oils.  These chocolates are easy to use, and require no tempering.  

I've found that trying to flavour the melting discs from the craft store or bulk store doesn't always work too well, as the chocolate often separates.  Magical Butter chocolates are specially formulated for adding herbal butters and oils, so you could make flavoured chocolates and other treats.  I instantly thought of mint chocolate, as I love that combination, and it would be perfect with a white chocolate to make some Christmas treats, or festive cake pops.  When in Vancouver Christopher and I came across a chocolate shop that had really interesting combinations of flavours in chocolate.  There were chocolates with basil in them, and even cilantro, which totally had me intrigued!  The possibilities are endless.

Do you like flavoured chocolate?  Mint?  Orange?  
Do you ever melt chocolate for anything you make?

Full Disclosure: The chocolate, molds and spatulas were provided to me free of charge from Magical Butter.  All opinions are my own.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I like Mint chocolate but no other flavors of chocolate! Even though I love fruit, I don’t really like fruit and chocolate together, except chocolate covered strawberries!