Saturday, October 13, 2018

Early Birthday Celebration

Last night Christopher's parents had us over for a fabulous dinner.  It was an early birthday celebration since both he and I have birthdays coming up this week.

We started with this gorgeous spread:

The cheeses, meats, olives, fruit, breads, and nuts, paired really well together, and tasted great.  We love snacky foods like this.

After catching up over snacks in the living room, we moved into the kitchen for spanikopita.

My mother-in-law's spanikopita is perfection.  I only had a small piece because I knew there was more food to come, but lucky for me she sent us home with some.

The main course was leg of lamb with mint sauce, gnocchi with peas, and Greek salad.

My father-in-law makes beautifully soft gnocchi.

Dessert was lemon gelato, and chocolate zucchini cake with a cream cheese icing.

Everything they served up in this feast was homemade, from the wine to the gelato.  Wow!

This wonderful meal and the quality time together would have been gift enough, but they also spoiled us with loads of goodies, including this one gift that we are really excited to set up:

What a nice way to kick off the weekend!  We're feeling very grateful.

What are you up to this weekend?
Do you grow any herbs in your house?


suki said...

happy early birthday, fellow october babies! :) this weekend we're rearranging our living room and decluttering a little bit.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy early birthday!! That spread looks amazing!! It’s so nice to be treated to a special meal at home like that! I will take that over a restaurant meal any day!! We do not grow any herbs in our house. I like the idea of doing that but have a feeling Oscar would chew on them

Have a great birthday week!!!