Thursday, July 12, 2018

One of Those Meals

On Monday evening we made a meal that just totally hit the spot.  Christopher grilled jerk chicken that he had been marinating for a couple of days.  We had wood chips in the foil to add another depth of flavour.

It started to pour rain while we were outside BBQing, so we had to run in, and then Christopher would venture out into the storm to check on the chicken every couple of minutes.  We brought it in the house in a covered roaster to keep it from getting wet.

On the side we had coconut rice, and bourbon baked beans, which I had cooking slowly in the oven all day.

The three elements paired so perfectly together.

Dessert was a key lime pie with macadamia, graham cracker crust that I had made earlier that day. 

There was enough food for lunches for the following two days, and we've still got some pie left.  This is a meal that I am sure we'll make again and again.

How is your week going so far?  Do you like key lime pie?  Have you had a meal recently that totally hit the spot for you?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That meal looks amazing. I would love to come over for a meal like that! Yum! My sister loves key lime pie but it’s not something I really love. But I wouldn’t say no to a piece! Yours looks amazing!! This week has been tough since I started work but I know we will find our groove. I made a chicken and cashew stir fry last night which really hit the spot. I was pretty impressed with myself for making dinner after coming home from my first day at work. But Paul hung out in this little infant pillow lounger while I was prepping the veggies so we still got to interact a bit.