Monday, July 16, 2018

Chimichurri Sauce and Other Things

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  On Friday we met up with some people at Birmingham's, a restaurant/lounge in town, to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday which is tomorrow.

We started with a delicious appetizer which was basically an egg roll filled with mashed potatoes, bacon, and cheese - like a perogy egg roll.

Then I had a chicken caesar wrap, and Christopher had a sandwich.  We took home most of my dish, as I couldn't finish it.  The appetizer would have been enough for both of us for a meal; it was really filling!

The rest of the weekend was spent with my mom.

Last week was beautiful and I got a lot of steps in as I did six laps around the lake from Monday-Friday.

On Wednesday I made a trip to the farmers' market and picked up some veggies, as well as ground wild boar, which we then used to make meatballs on the BBQ.

The wild boar meatballs were excellent, and we topped them with a chimichurri sauce, which made them even better.

I cannot get enough chimichurri sauce.  We use whatever herbs we have on hand, but our basic recipe is as follows.

Chimichurri Sauce

1/2 cup olive oil
3 T white wine vinegar
4 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cumin
a couple grinds of pepper
approximately a bunch and 1/2 of green herbs (flat leaf parsley, cilantro, mint)

Pulse in a food processor or blender until desired consistency.  Use as a sauce over grilled meats.

Speaking of using whatever we have on hand, I made cookies the other day just to use up some leftover peanut butter chips and peanuts that we had in the freezer.  They had been in there since I did my Christmas baking, so it was time that they got used.

For breakfast one day last week I made a maple cinnamon raisin overnight oat parfait, which is super healthy, but tastes like oatmeal cookie ice cream.

You can find my recipe here.  If you don't have chia seeds, that's okay!  I didn't have any on hand this time, so I used ground flax.  Or you could just make it without either.

When Christopher came home for lunch today we had Montreal smoked meat sandwiches on homemade rye bread.

So far the week is off to a good start, and we have some fun plans with family coming up this week/ weekend!

How was your weekend?  What did you do?
Do you like chimichurri sauce?  Have you ever had wild boar?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I loved chimichurri sauce! I’ve only had it with cilantro but it was so good and it’s so bright and pretty! Last weekend was pretty quiet for us which was nice. We had friends on Saturday night. We grilled and played cards. We try to have a monthly card date with this couple and it’s one of my favorite nights of the month as I am all about staying in and playing cards!