Sunday, April 29, 2018

Our Weekend

On Friday evening Christopher's parents had us over for dinner.  My father-in-law makes fabulous Peking duck, and he knows we love it.  It's a two-day process to make, and he has it mastered.

Retro snacks in the living room to start:

My mother-in-law had an idea to serve up some snacks they would have had back in the 60s, like a classic onion soup mix chip dip, celery with Cheese Whiz, shrimp and cocktail sauce, soda crackers and cheese.  I hadn't had celery with cheese in a long time, and I absolutely love this combination.  I think I ate most of them.

After catching up over snacks, we eventually moved into the kitchen for the main course.  They served the Peking duck with bread, Florentine rice with sauce, and short ribs:

My helping:

Dessert was a no-bake cheesecake with cherries.  We even got a small cheesecake to take home, which made a perfect dessert the next evening.

We had a lot of laughs after dinner, and it was a wonderful way to kick off the weekend.

On Saturday morning Christopher made this breakfast:

Then we went outside to enjoy our first patio day of the year!

We were outside enjoying the weather for most of the day, and had our first BBQ of the year too!  I am so happy it's finally nice enough to spend the day in the yard.

Inside the tinfoil packet were some soaked wood chips to give the chicken a bit of a smokey flavour.

Baked potatoes, corn salad, and jerk chicken:

This morning we had a tiny breakfast to hold us over until we met up with a few of our friends for brunch at 12:30.

We didn't end up ordering until closer to 1:30, and by that point brunch was done, so we ordered lunch instead.  I had pad Thai.

Dinner tonight is going to be leftover jerk chicken, etc.

How was your weekend?  What did you do?
Did you spend some time outside?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that meal at your inlaws looks delicious. I love the idea of throwback snacks! The celery with cheese looks so good! I just had some celery with peanut butter this past week which made me think of my childhood as my mom would give us that with a snack, often with raisins on top of it.

Last weekend was beautiful here, too. I went for long stroller walks with Paul and Phil raked our yard. He put up our hammock so I am hoping to spend some time in it this weekend as it's supposed to be beautiful! We grilled our first meal last week and are planning to grill pork chops this weekend. I'm so happy that the weather is FINALLY nicer!