Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Back at Home

When we got home from Mexico we didn't have much for groceries, but there was enough food in the house to pull together breakfast before heading out to pick up supplies for the week.

All the meals we planned were very veggie-centered, so organic vegetables made up a good portion of our grocery bill.  We also got a lot of fruit, and a few cartons of coconut water for smoothies.

It was nice to have all day Sunday at home before heading back to work, so we could pick up all this stuff, unpack, do laundry etc.

Our lunch on that Sunday included avocado toasties:

And cauliflower rice - jazzed up a bit:

For dinner we had a crispy tofu, yellow Thai curry:

The next morning we were back at work after a relaxing week off, and were looking forward to doing a bunch of cooking at home, and getting back into routine.  For breakfasts all week I had coconut water smoothies, with a banana, a bunch of greens, and either blueberries or mango.

Our dinners for the week included a green veggie stir fry:

Salmon with kale salad:

Ramen with miso-glazed chicken and kale:

And a green coconut curry:

This past weekend it was super windy (and now it's snowing 😒), so we stayed inside and cooked/baked some new things.  More on that to come!

I find that after a vacation we are always super inspired to cook.  We miss the kitchen when we aren't in it for days on end.  Does the same thing happen for you?

How was your weekend?  How is your week going so far?
Is it snowing where you are? (what a lame spring).


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

After a vacation we also crave home cooked meals. I am always happy to get back into the kitchen after time away!

Unfortunately we got a ton of snow. Almost 20” I think. It’s so depressing. I am so ready for spring to arrive. Paul loves stroller walks so I can’t wait to get out for them daily. We tried going yesterday but the sidewalks were not cleared so it felt like we were off-roading. Ha.

Why am I here??? said...

Hi Jolene, do you have the yellow thai curry recipe?

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Hey Jennifer!

For curries we always just wing it. I know this had coconut milk, yellow Thai curry paste, and extra ginger (lots). I think Christopher probably added another Thai chili, and maybe a few other spices, but he can't remember exactly. Sorry! Curries are one thing we never make the same, and never follow a recipe for.