Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mexico Afternoons

For lunch in Mexico we went to the Lobster House a few times, as Christopher cannot get enough of their fish taco appetizer.  They got to know him there pretty quickly, and always whipped him up a special hot sauce - the hottest they could make.

I'd sometimes have one fish taco, and then grab a little something else at the buffet.  We also visited The Grill for lunch (steakhouse):

And sometimes we'd grab a wood fire pizza and enjoy it by the beach or in our yard:

Las Olas is the restaurant on the beach that is open for lunch, and serves up food buffet-style, with a different theme each day.  One day it was Spanish, and they had some seafood paella cooking off to the side of the buffet.  We never ended up trying any, but it smelled great!

We actually haven't eaten at Las Olas at all on any of our trips - maybe next time!  There are just too many options for places to eat.

Room service another day:

After lunch we always spent time on our day bed soaking up a bit of sun, and then alternated to the hammock, or a shady spot to cool off.

We each read 1.5 books on this trip, and it was all about relaxing for us.  At Christopher's job he is always on a tight schedule, and everything is down to the minute - there is always somewhere to be quickly, and he has to be there at an exact time.  Beach vacations for us are a time to do absolutely nothing, to have no where to be, and to never set an alarm.  Ha - we don't even want to have to make reservations, so that is why we choose a place where we don't have to.  We have done excursions in the past, but always find that we feel like we wished we hadn't left the resort, and hated having to be somewhere at a certain time.  These all-inclusive trips are obviously not adventurous travel, but rather relaxing holidays ... and after the winter we've had, this was exactly what we needed. 

Later in the afternoon, while most people were still at the beach, it was always a nice time to take a walk around the resort, hit the coffee shop again, and snap a few photos.

But as soon as we were done those coffees, we were back out in the sun!

What is your favourite way to relax?

(I'd say one of mine is definitely reading).

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We have the same approach to Mexico vacations. We are there to relax. If we made reservations they were later so we wouldn’t feel rushed. We had the same approach in Hawaii. We actually did not make any reservations as we didn’t want to be anywhere at a certain time. As a result we only ate at casual restaurants but the food was delicious so we don’t feel we missed out. We ate at a fish taco place 3 times because the food was so good. It was the kind of place where you could buy fresh fish on one side and order food on the other so the quality of the food was really high.

This resort looks amazing! I want to go there!!!