Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mexico Mornings

Last Saturday morning we were up around 6:15, and at the airport an hour later.  After passing some time with bagels, coffee, and #usies, we had a direct flight to Cancun.

I don't think we've ever seen a busier airport than the Cancun airport when we were both arriving and leaving from this trip.  It was crazy busy, and the lineups were long, but our traveling went very smoothly.  After a short drive to our resort, we were all settled in for a fabulous week at our favourite resort in Mexico.  We went back to Excellence Riviera Cancun, where we were the past two Januaries.  We've been to many other resorts in the past, but this one really cannot be beat.  It has everything we could ever ask for in a resort (things we cannot find in other resorts of similar price points and ratings), and just keeps getting better.  We'll absolutely go back again too!

Our mornings in Mexico usually started with one of us rolling out of bed first, and heading straight to the hammock to listen to the birds waking up, and to take in the quiet peacefulness.  After enjoying the quiet of the morning for a while, we would get ready to go to the buffet for breakfast.


On our last day we noticed this contraption that was dripping out honey straight from the honeycomb.  Apparently it had always been there, but this was the first time in all our visits that we ever noticed it.

We both had oatmeal with toppings, including a good serving of the honey.

The Lobster House was open for a la carte breakfast each morning, but we stuck to the buffet.  Once we ordered room service breakfast.

After eating we always went straight to the coffee shop.

Our typical order was two double espressos.  We sometimes went back for another round of espressos, or tried something else off the menu, such as a mocha or a fruit blend.

Often we took our coffees and went for a morning walk around the resort or on the beach.

Then we'd hit the beach, the pool, or our yard for a couple hours of reading and relaxing.

Some days we grabbed a coconut on the beach at 11:00, and if we were feeling snacky, we'd order a little mid-morning snack to our yard.

There was always a server coming around to the yards to take beverage orders, or just say good morning.

How was your Easter?  Your week?  Your weekend?   

Check back in this week to hear about how we spent our afternoons and evenings in Mexico.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your vacation sounded amazing. And what a perfect time to get away as the weather has been just awful lately!! I can’t wait to go back to Mexico once we are doing having kids (can’t go until we are sure we are done due to stupid Zika).

We had a nice, low key easter. We went to Phil’s mom’s on Saturday of easter weekend so we could have a quiet day at home on Easter Sunday. She did an egg hunt for us and had lots of easter treats!

Amber said...

Ahhh looks amazing! We've only been to Mexico once but I would love to go again sometime. An all inclusive beach vacation sounds seriously amazing to me right now.