Sunday, August 27, 2017

Seven on Sunday - Last Week's Eats

1)  Last Sunday we made fried chicken, baked beans, coleslaw and mac and cheese for dinner.

The leftovers were delicious for Monday's lunch.

Cold fried chicken in our sandwiches, yum!

2)  My mother-in-law makes a great quiche, and she sent us home with some after the breakfast potluck.  I had it on Monday morning, topped with hot sauce.

Other breakfasts last week looked like this:

3)  I love edible flowers; they have a radish-like taste.  I picked some up at the farmers' market on Wednesday, and they added a nice touch to my omelet, as well as to our dinner on Thursday evening.

Pork chop, mushroom risotto, and an Asian cucumber salad:

4)  Christopher took charge with dinner one day (bee bim bop), and I made the dessert (chocolate chip cookies):

5)  Another night we just shared a couple of snacks, including nachos, and poutine with pepper gravy.

6)  Indian buffet on Friday for lunch:

7)  We had a coconut-y day last week. 

Coconut crusted tilapia with salad:

And coconut cream pie for dessert:

I followed this recipe, and it was spot on.

Did you do any baking last week?  Have you ever had edible flowers?  Are you a coconut fan?  Do you like coconut cream pie? (this was my first time making it, but it was a hit, so I'll absolutely make it again).

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I did not do any baking last week. I had offered to make a cake for Phil for his party but he requested a DQ ice cream cake. Everyone talked about how much they love DQ cakes at the party so it was a hit (and probably was better than GF cake honestly). I have had edible flowers - I like them since I love radishes! And I am not a big coconut fan... it's ok if it's subtle but I don't like things that are super coconutty. My mom, other other hand, is cuckoo for coconut so she would have loved that pie!