Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vegas Vacation Part 2

On Monday we were up early, and we went straight to the pool.  After hanging by the pool for a while we went for breakfast to the Overlook Grill.

The eggs were weird, and not like a typical omelet.  They were really puffy, almost like they were microwaved in a pie plate, and then just folded around the veggies.  The potatoes were good though, and Christopher really enjoyed his banana coconut oatmeal.

For an afternoon snacky lunch we shared a burger topped with an egg.

We wanted to save room as we had big dinner plans!  In the evening, after getting dressed up, we wandered over to The Bellagio and explored for a while.  Sarah Jessica Parker was in her shoe store helping people try on shoes, and mingling with the customers as they checked out her new shop in the hotel.  We weren't shopping, so we just snapped a couple photos and kept going, but it was neat to see her in person.

For dinner we went to Julian Serrano's restaurant Lago, which is a tapas-style Italian restaurant.  Our table was outside, directly over the water of the Bellagio fountains.  Lovely!

Christopher told me to order whatever I wanted and surprise him, so I did all the ordering for the two of us, choosing six tapas for us to share.

First up was burrata:

This was our first time having this cheese, and we both enjoyed it.  It was spread over toasties.

The next dish I chose was salmon sashimi with crispy caper.

After that were two dishes, potato gnocchi with lobster, and crab with artichoke and arugula.

The final two tapas were tomato braised meatballs, and braised duck with cheesy polenta, and a butter truffle sauce.

What a meal!  Dessert was back in our own hotel, where we shared a little cereal milk ice cream from Milk Bar.  We also picked up some juiced greens to take back to the room for the morning.

Have you ever had dessert from Milk Bar?  
(There are locations in NY, Toronto, and Washington DC as well.)  I am hooked on the cereal milk ice cream.   

Do you like tapas-style dining, or do you prefer to order an entree?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I haven't been to Milk bar but have a friend who raves about it. I will hopefully get a chance to try it someday when I am in NY.

I like tapas but Phil is not a tapas fan because he thinks it ends up being overpriced for the portions. But there is a tapas restaurant that I definitely want to go to when we are in Asheville. I like being able to share some different things. We also tend to share entrees when traveling so we can each try 2 things.

That tapas meal looked amazing and your table could not have been located in a better place!