Monday, August 21, 2017

Vegas Vacation Part 3

We really enjoyed the casual restaurant The Henry in the Cosmopolitan, and visited it for breakfast four times.  I loved their massive coffee cups, which rarely had to be re-filled.  I don't know why more restaurants don't have larger coffee cups, as it would save time for servers.

The first day we went to The Henry was Tuesday, and I had smoked salmon avocado toasts, which were soooooo good.

Herb cream cheese, smooth avocado, smoked salmon, shallots, radish, and pea shoots over chewy toasted harvest bread - a delicious combination.

After breakfast we had some pool time!  It was blistering hot out, so we only lasted about an hour before we couldn't take it anymore.

Lunch was at Holsteins, a burger and shake joint in our hotel.  They brought us popcorn right when we sat down:

And then we shared one appetizer (ahi poke tostadas), and a kobe beef burger with rings:

In the evening we went to our favourite restaurant of all time, Lotus of Siam.  This restaurant is off the strip (about a $15-$20 cab ride from our hotel), and the amazing chef Saipin is a James Beard award winner.  If you visit this restaurant, you have to order from the Northern section, or from the chef's choice section.  Well you don't haaaaave to, but if you don't you will be making a mistake.  Take it from me, Anthony Bourdain, and anyone else who knows this restaurant, the Northern Thai food is their specialty.

We ordered four dishes to share, which was a lot of food, but we knew we had a fridge and microwave, so we wanted enough for leftovers.

Our favourite appetizer is nam kao tod, which is the only thing we ordered that is not on the Northern or special section, but that's because the appies are in their own section.  It is amazing.

It is crispy rice with sour cubed pork sausage (wow), cilantro, green onions, ground chili, ginger, peanut, and lime.  It's sour and salty, and crispy, and absolutely phenomenal.

We tried something new to us from the Northern section called thum ka noon, and it knocked our socks off.  It was made with shredded young jack fruit, ground pork, tomatoes and spices.  From the description I would never have thought to order this, but Christopher insisted, and am I ever glad I trusted him.  This will be a must-order for us from now on.  I have no idea what jack fruit tastes like, and although it was in this dish, I couldn't pick it out or tell that there was fruit in it (I guess because I don't know what it's supposed to taste like), but whatever it was that I was tasting was amazing.  The texture was like pulled pork, and we ate it with sticky rice.

The last two dishes are also mind-blowingly good.

They were both from the chef's choice section, and included crispy duck panang:

And khao soi braised short rib:

Ahhhh, I wish I were eating this food again right now.

If you go to Lotus of Siam, just do yourself a favour and order all four of these dishes.  You can thank me later.

This restaurant is in a strip mall, and isn't in the best area, but it's more than worth the cab ride.  You absolutely need reservations, as it's always packed, even thought it's huge.

Fast forwarding to today ...

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday 
Happy birthday beautiful!  We love you!

There is also a solar eclipse today; it is slowly getting dimmer here, and we should reach 75-80% coverage in about 15 minutes.  Are you checking the eclipse out where you are? 

What is your favourite restaurant?  Do you like Thai food?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love Thai food so that place sounds right up my alley. Plus Thai food tends to be gluten free so it's a good cuisine for me to eat as my options are usually fairly plentiful. We haven't had Thai food in a long time so need to get some soon!

It's tough to pick a favorite restaurant... within Minneapolis I have a few. 112 Eatery is my favorite special occasion restaurant. My favorite inexpensive-but-delicious restaurant is called Marla's - it's a caribbean restaurant with amazing curry. It's sloooow, though, as the owner (Marla) is the only person that works in the kitchen and everything is made from scratch so we go knowing it's going take a bit longer but is always worth it! Lastly, I love Hola Arepa because almost 100% of the menu is gluten free and it's soooo good. I love their pork arepa. I'd definitely recommend these 3 places if you came to Minneapolis!