Monday, May 22, 2017

Beet It

Cause, we got the beet, we got the beet, we got the beet, yeah, we got it!

We've been thinking of all things beet lately, and I don't see any sign of us stopping.  I don't think a vegetable could be any more gorgeous.

On Saturday we fried up latkes to use as a base for eggs benedict.

We topped each with smoked salmon:

Then a soft-poached egg, and beet hollandaise:

Finally fresh dill:

To make the beet hollandaise, we juiced a raw beet, and used the juice in place of the lemon juice that would typically be in hollandaise.

It was incredible.

This weekend we also made bagels.

And a beautifully whipped, beet-horseradish cream cheese:

To make the beet cream cheese, we blended puréed, cooked beet, with a block of cream cheese, and horseradish to taste.

We topped the bagels with smoked salmon and dill (we clearly can't get enough smoked salmon either).

Today we made beet hummus, subbing in puréed beets for chickpeas in a basic hummus recipe.

The wheels are already turning with other ways we can make beets stand out front and center. 
Do you like beets?  
Have you ever used them in a dish in an unexpected way?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love beets!! I planted 2 different kinds in my garden because last year I had such luck with the breed I planted. I didn't do anything interesting with them - I just roasted them and ate them on salads or as a side dish. I will have to look for some new ways to use them! For a wedding shower, we got an instantpot so I think I will use that occasionally to cook the beets more quickly! And I also got a stove-top pressure cooker for canning so I am going to look into maybe pickling some beets!

All of the meals you made look so awesome. I just love beets. Their color is just so gorgeous!