Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saskatoon and Purdys

Last Saturday we drove up to Saskatoon to see my mom.  We had an awesome visit with her, and also caught up with my sister and her family, as they were in town visiting too.  We were craving pasta for dinner, so we ate at Chianti.  We also stopped by the Midtown mall to check out the new Purdys Chocolatier.  They had a special treat waiting for me, exclusive to the Saskatoon store:

They made a nice dessert once we were back in our hotel.

The next morning we went for breakfast to Grainfields before heading back to see my mom for the day. 

I received a box of chocolates in the mail from Purdys, so that was a sweet surprise.  They have some different, interesting flavours, such as Peanut Butter Crunch Mayan, Butterscotch Fudgie, Chocolate Cashew, and Maple Meltie, to name a few.  The chocolates are made fresh daily in Vancouver, using 100% sustainable cocoa. 

We're really diving into them today to discover our favourite #everyonehasafavourite.

I usually reach for caramel flavours first, as they are my favourite.  I am really interested in trying the Butterscotch Fudgie, as I like butterscotch even more than caramel.  It's not in this box, so I'll have to pick one up from the store next time we're in Saskatoon.  Oooooooh, chocolate!

When digging into a box of chocolates, what kind do you reach for first?  Caramels?  Fruit filled?  Nuts?  Milk?  Dark?  Other?

Full disclosure: The Purdys products were provided to me free of charge.  Thank you Purdys.

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I definitely reach for anything caramel, especially if it has sea salt sprinkled on it. I do not like fruit-filled chocolates even though I like fruit and I like chocolate! Just not crazy about the 2 things together, except chocolate covered strawberries!

That sounds like an awesome chocolate shop!!