Sunday, April 3, 2016

Our Favourite NOLA Restaurant

Our favourite restaurant in New Orleans is the "diviest" dive around.  It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and we had been to this place on our last trip to New Orleans.  It was the one place we knew we had to come back to.

Parasol's is a dingy, run-down looking place, with the best food around.

The firecracker shrimp po boy is Christopher's favourite sandwich of life, and I'm partial to the roast beef po boy; both are absolutely incredible.  Parasol's has the best bread for their po boys, unlike anywhere else. 

The fries are so cripsy, and some of the best we've had.  They are even better topped with cheese, and gravy, which comes with roast beef debris.

We ate our po boys, and then a couple hours later we got the fries.  Basically we spent a good part of our day at Parasol's.

You can sit in the dining area, and order beverages through a little window:

Or you can go around to sit at the bar and plug the jukebox, which had every song we could ever want.  Sitting at Parasol's, we felt like we lived in the neighborhood.  In fact, we loved hanging out there so much on Tuesday, that we went back and spent a good part of Thursday there.

On Thursday Christopher tried the oyster po boy, and I had the amazing fire cracker shrimp.

Then, a couple hours later, we just had to get more of the fries

Whatever, #fat.

We cannot wait to go back to Parasol's next time we're in NOLA.  It is our absolute favourite.  If you make it there one day, say hi to Billy at the bar for us - he's a gem.

Have you ever had a po boy sandwich?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I bet the owners of this restaurant wishes you were locals. ;) I love little dives like this that have the best food. Everything looks sooooo good!

Alli said...

This place looks like my heaven! I've only been to NOLA on a work trip and so I only really had one night there to enjoy food and culture, but I loved what little I saw of it and now your posts are reminding me how much I want to go back!