Monday, April 25, 2016

Fresh Roll Fun

One of our favourite creative outlets is experimenting in the kitchen.  We love playing with new flavour combinations, creating recipes, and brainstorming meal ideas; we have so much fun with it.  On Sunday we had a dancing, singing, silly, fresh-roll-making-party for two.

We prepped a lot of raw veggies, and also julienned some mango, apple, and smoked tofu.  We boiled a beet to julienne, and cooked up some mushrooms in sesame oil.  We also steamed shrimp, and cooked up some chicken in sesame oil and ginger.

We poured boiling water over rice noodles, and let those soak in that for a minute or two before draining them.  To make fresh rolls you just dip the fresh rolls wraps in hot water (we pour boiling water onto a dinner plate and dip them in that), then add the fillings and roll.

We made some with ginger chicken, strips of ginger, mango, carrot, red cabbage and cilantro:

Next we made some with shrimp, beet, carrot, zucchini and red cabbage:

And then smoked tofu, with green apple, mushroom, radish and zucchini:

We whipped up two different peanut sauces, and had a dippy dinner!

Do you like fresh rolls?  Have you made them?  
How was your weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum!! Those look so delicious!! I love fresh rolls. I have never made them but I should as they sound so good. And they would be perfect for summer when you want something lighter!

Anonymous said...

LOVE fresh roll, but have never made them. You make it look easy!