Friday, April 8, 2016

Vacation Detox

After our trip, we headed straight from the airport to the grocery store.  We loaded up a cart with fruits and vegetables, and almost nothing else; it was time to detox.

For the past week we've eaten a lot of fruits and veggies.

Fruit over cottage cheese:

Fruit in oatmeal (with other toppings):

A big bowl of roasted veggies for dinner:


Veggie sandwiches:

Loads of veggies in bee bim bop:

Vegetable loaded egg skillets:

And salmon with salad, and roasted veggies:

Dessert every night was pineapple or melon.

We're off on a road trip this weekend to see my mom.

What are you up to this weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, all of those dishes look awesome, especially the egg skillet! I have been eating a ton of veggies lately due to whole30. I've been loving roasted veggies, especially butternut squash, beets, and sweet potatoes.

We have very little planned this weekend which is nice. We're staying in and making dinner the next 2 nights, I'm hanging out with a girlfriend and her 5 month old on Saturday and then on Sunday I'm going to a workout class with girlfriends and out for coffee/tea afterwards!

Have a great roadtrip and visit with your mom!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally about eggs these days! And avocado.

Love the fruit and veg focus. I recently tried my hand at cauliflower steaks and really love them! So much easier than chopping a head into florets.

This weekend, my husband and son were gone to Montreal for a Habs game (a b-day present to my son from my parents), so my daughter and I had a girls weekend. We watched a movie yesterday while snuggling on the couch. It was great! Hope you had a great time visiting your mom :)

Kris | said...

Heyyyy Girl!! I'm so happy to catch up on your blog! I hope you're well?

Mmmmm I love your dessert choice and I have to get better at having more fruit in the house so I don't reach for the chocolate :) Happy to hear you had a great trip!