Saturday, April 23, 2016


Mmmmm, baby bok choy ...

We used this large pile of it in an pork noodle dish this week.

Yesterday after work we ran a few errands, and were wiped by the time we got home.  We didn't feel like cooking so we ordered in from a place that is literally around the corner

Yes, we got delivery ... from around the corner #lazynight.

We ate in the living room, which is something we only do when we order in, or when we're having snacks.  While eating, we watched Tangled.  Christopher hadn't seen it before, but has been told that he looks like Flynn Rider, the main male character - ha, it's true! 

Today has been a very productive day, and we started it with breakfast sandwiches and potatoes:

How has your weekend been so far?
Do you eat in the living room when you order in?


Anonymous said...

We totally eat in the living room when we order in! We had a low-key weekend, which was nice. Next weekend we'll be celebrating our anniversary, so I'm looking forward to that!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

We almost always eat in the living room at Phil's! But that is because we are usually eating leftovers at his house. When I move in that will change! But I think we will still eat a decent number of meals on the couch which is probably not a great habit but oh well! The take out you got looked good!'