Monday, September 16, 2013

Sharing is Caring

We had a late lunch at Regina Kebab House on Saturday.  This is now one of my favourite restaurants in the city.  The food is incredible!!  I posted about the restaurant once before here.

We shared some hummus to start.

We then shared the chicken shawarma, with a falafal on the side.  They cut the shawarma in half for us and brought us each our own plate.  I love restaurants that accommodate sharing (we were saving room for dinner, which we didn't end up cooking - ooops)!  

BEST falafal I've ever had, and definitely best shawarma.  You MUST try this place if you live in town!  It's total "flavour town" (lol, Guy Fieri).

We shared lunch again on Sunday, but it was a little less exciting:

Okay, I can't lie.  I was pretty excited about this Velveeta mac & cheese that we got south of the border.  It's pretty much heaven in a box.  

Do you ever share an entree when out for lunch/dinner?


Shefali said...

Agreed with the Velveeta Mac n cheese, got hooked to it after having my toddler. It is heaven in a box.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I will sometimes share an entree when eating out but it depends on who I am sharing a meal with and whether they want to eat something that is gluten free. ;) Those falafel look SO good. I love falafel!!

Allysia said...

Mmmmm, hummus. And sharing at restaurants makes it so much more fun to eat! The falafel looks nice and moist. Lol to the velveeta mac, ha ha ha! And yeah, we share our food all the time, unless we get the same thing...which happens sometimes!