Monday, August 19, 2013

BBQing Seafood!

We are BBQing all week!  It's gorgeous outside, the propane tank is full, and we are going to take advantage of what's left of summer.

This evening we had scallops, squid, veggies and potatoes.

The squid was whole, so we gave it a good rinse, dried it well, and cut it into rings.  We kept it pretty simple with butter, garlic and fresh herbs.

The scallops were rubbed with shallot olive oil and sprinkled with salt (*after rinsing, removing the side muscle, and drying well).

Mmmmm, I forgot how much I love scallops!

What have you BBQd lately?
Do you like scallops? Squid?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am not a huge squid person as the texture bugs me, but I love scallops! I made some for Christmas and they were SO GOOD!

Allysia said...

It's crazy how the end of summer has just snuck up out of nowhere! BBQing is definitely a good way to appreciate what's left of it (though I prefer just to eat BBQ than to actually cook it, ha ha).