Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1)  How awesome is this?  I know, I know, I couldn't believe it either.

2)  Dear Sweetheart, I'd like to do a week of sandwiches again.  I sort of went ahead and planned out the week  ;-)  Yay?

3)  Yesterday I went for a walk with my sister and nephew, and today we hit the pool.  Summer, please don't go away.  Ever.

4)  I made Christopher a key lime pie the other day, and he dug right in.  No plate necessary!

5)  Last time I was at the Korean grocery store I found these:

Mmmm,spicy kimchi dumplings!  I just fried them up for about 10 minutes in a bit of sesame oil.

6)  Congratulations to my friends Jeff and Alaina who had a baby girl yesterday!!  I can't wait to meet her!

7)  They may have grown a baby, but I grew this:

Ummmmmmm ...

It was born Thursday, August 15th.  It's 172g.  Christopher caught it.  He's pretty much a doctor.
8)  I took my dad out to Lancaster's and tried their Vietnamese sub.  I couldn't finish it all, but I was really impressed.  I'd definitely order this again.  The wasabi mayo and cilantro totally made the sandwich.  They gave me some sort of cheesey garlicy dip for the fries which was really good too, although my dad thought it was narsty.  We had a good chat about music from the Beatles to Nirvana.

9)  I want this for breakfast; simple, yet sounds so delicious.

10)  I've mentioned this before, but I love, love, love world maps.  I like things with pictures of the world map on them; I like globes; I want a world map as an art piece on my wall, etc..  Anywhoooo, this site pretty much made my day the other day.  It helps you make sense of the world using, you guessed it, world maps.  You're welcome.

What are some of your Tuesday things?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Congrats on the arrival of that gorgeous tomato! :) And congrats to your friends on the arrival of their daughter. How exciting!

My Tuesday things are that I am REALLY excited for my trip to NYC this weekend to visit a good friend. The weather is going to be warm and sunny so I can't wait to soak up the rays in one of my favorite cities in the world!

DessertForTwo said...

Kimchi wontons?! I can't stop thinking about these. I must find them!

Congrats on your new baby! You're going to make excellent sandwiches with him ;)

Allysia said...

Week...of...sandwiches... oh man, still have to do that. Also that's one gorgeous tomato you have there, does it have a name? Ha ha. Maps are nice, they make good wall art!