Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Things

1)  This has been such a great week so far!  It started out with meeting my friend Tricia for lunch at a food stand I've been wanting to try, La Cucaracha.

We both had the taco special with caesar salad, and were impressed.  The ingredients tasted very fresh.

2)  One of my favourite bloggers Ameena, commented on this post that my house looks so clean and organized.  Well, that's mostly true.  Mostly.  She's never seen inside this cupboard:

But, I fixed it up a bit on Monday. 

I have a few other little places (ex. spare room) that need some tidying too.

3)  I am running out to the store to get some cheese for dinner tonight, but I also need to stop at the Hungarian club to see if they have any more of this hot paprika paste, which is soooooo good on breakfast potatoes.  If you have a Hungarian store or club of some kind in your city, find this paste!

4)  I made rhubarb strawberry pie on Tuesday.  

I followed this recipe.

5)  The weather has been gorgeous all week, so I've been eating outside a lot. 

(kale, banana, coconut water smoothie, fruit, toasted homemade bread)
6)  I brewed some iced coffee today and it's currently chilling.  I'm hoping it's as good as the stuff from the coffee shops.

7)  I was up around 7:30 yesterday morning and out the door just after 8:00 with Vicki.  We went to the Mercury for breakfast

We then wandered around the farmers' market, stopped in at the mall and grabbed an iced tea from David's Tea

8)  I hired some guys to come shingle my garage and carport (the house was done about 2 years ago).  They came yesterday to take the old shingles off.  I'm looking forward to having the new ones up! 

What are your Thursday things?


Kacy said...

Ugh, this Thursday has been straight out of Office Space. But I did get an extension on a project. And I'm going to see some of my friend's short films at an exclusive screening later on.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am envious that you have a David's Tea by you. There aren't many in the US. I went to one in Victoria, BC and LOVED it.

My Thursdays things is that it's rainy again today for the umpteenth day in a row... but I am looking forward to the quiet weekend ahead of me!

Simply Life said...

oh that pie looks great!

Allysia said...

Hot paprika paste?! Never heard of it, but I am intrigued. And you have such a lovely outdoor patio - might as well use it while you can! Also we went to the cornwall/farmer's market on wednesday too, ha ha.