Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My first day of summer holidays (yesterday) was spent indoors at the library, page numbering the appendices of my thesis, and cursing the university computers.  I got that off of my plate right away so that the next little while could be spent on more enjoyable activities.  

Today I was up bright and early to make the most of the beautiful day.  I did a bunch of yard work, pulling every last weed, mowing the lawns, and ridding the yard of bug webs, etc..  I look forward to spending a lot of time enjoying the backyard this summer.

I headed downtown to meet my pal Shauna for lunch and a visit on her break.  I got there a little early and wandered the farmers market for a bit.  I ended up running into my sister and nephew :-)  They were grabbing lunch so I got a drink and joined them for a while.

Lunch was at Gilmore's Place, and it was really good.  I had the tuna sandwich on multi-grain.  I especially liked that they served it with pickles.

Even though it was rippin' hot, we sat out in the sun and soaked it up.  Summer is far too short here.  I ran errands this afternoon and started prepping supper; I love productive days!

Do you live in a place with a short summer?  How do you make the most of it?  Do you have any time off this summer - plans? 


Allysia said...

Jolene, your backyard looks great!! Also we totally went to the farmer's market yesterday too, ha ha. Also I've come to terms with the fact that nothing will feel super hot compared to Texas. :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum - I love a sandwich that comes with pickles, too! I used to live in a place with a short summer, so it did seem to go by fast. Now I live in an area that is supposed to have a longer summer, but so far it's been really rainy and humid... so not really my favorite weather. But I am still making the most of it, even though I can't be outdoors doing much due to my foot injury. I have been trying to bbq a lot, though, and have been out on a local lake and hope to have more lake days!

Kacy said...

I think even if summer was twice as long I would feel like it was too short. It's my favorite season!