Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend - Trying New Foods

Friday was a beautiful day for a bike ride around the lake.  I love living so close to the park; I can just hop on my bike and go.

On Friday evening we had a light dinner - lettuce wraps with a bit of Korean bean paste, rice, bulgogi-style pork, green onions and kimchi.

Other eats this weekend included Italian-style Tofurky sausages with corn.  

I love that Christopher suggests that we get vegetarian sausages because he prefers them to regular sausages - that is not something you hear most men in Saskatchewan saying!  We are a meat and potatoes province.  Emphasis on the meat

We had the veggie sausages again on Sunday morning with our (almost) vegan breakfast.  I saw vegan omelets on Allysia's blog the other day, and was really intrigued.  She also made hash browns in a waffle maker!  We tried those as well.  Check out her recipes here.  She also made this and these, and I realized that she's Korean, just like me ;-)

I couldn't believe how much the eggless omelet tasted like a regular omelet.  Of course our vegan breakfast wouldn't be "us" without a slice of bacon on the side ;-)

When we were out grabbing silken tofu from Dad's Organic Market this weekend we spotted these ...

Although the haggis we tried at Mosaic was naaaarrrsty, these were really good!

How was your weekend? 


Allysia said...

Oh cool, glad they worked out for you! You made it without chickpea flour too? They're a little less sturdy that way but they still work. And yeah, Korean food ftw, ha ha. :) One of the most under-appreciated cuisines!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

@ Allysia - yep, we made without chickpea flour. We made 1 large one, instead of 2 smaller omelets, which I don't think we'd do next time. It took a loooong time to cook.

Amber said...

Sounds like a great weekend! My weekend was really nice but went by way too quickly! Summer weekends tend to do that though..

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those egg-less omelettes sound really interesting!

My weekend was really good. The weather was kind of meh, but it was great otherwise. Let me know what you think of the zucchini boats. I think you could throw whatever you like in them and they'd be good. That same blogger had a version that was enchilada filling stuffed zucchini boats - I want to try those next!

Kacy said...

Those lettuce wraps look so good!
I prefer fake chicken to real, but I'm not sure I've ever had veggie sausage or not.