Sunday, July 21, 2013

Road Tripping Weekend!

This weekend was a blast, and full of many laughs, good eats and some live music!  Let's rewind a bit ...

On Thursday evening we had a great dinner to use some stuff up in the fridge.  We had BBQd chicken and one of my favourite pastas.

On Friday morning I had egg in a hole & some iced coffee.

Later in the afternoon on Friday we headed on a little weekend road trip to Saskatoon.  We ate dinner at a restaurant downtown called Woodfire Grill.  Christopher had the falafel sandwich and I had some of the best mushroom soup I've ever had with a side salad.

Saturday evening we went to Taste of Saskatchewan in the park right beside our hotel.  We went to see our friends' band The Fortunate Isles play a sweet set, which provided some nice relief from the slew of cover bands we had heard through our hotel room window all weekend.

Group photo! (I took the photo, so you won't find me ... but in my place, a photo bomber at the very back!)

We also tried a bunch of food from the booths (we shared everything so that we could try more stuff).

Mmmm, Korean food!  The BEST of the day.
Deep Fried Pickles ... don't mind if I do!
Vegetarian Pad Thai (this totally needed tofu, lime, cilantro and fatter noodles)
Baked Potato "Poutine"
Dry Ribs
Booster Juice (*shout out to my gorgeous hand model!)
Ridiculously YUM Dumplings with Sriracha
Other things we did on the weekend included visiting my mom, and eating a fantastic breakfast in our hotel.  I had a fritatta with fruit and sausage, and Christopher had a poached egg on 1/2 a scone, fruit, and cottage cheese

Ahhhh, I love weekends.  This one was awesome, but I have a feeling next weekend is going to be even better!  Next weekend's road trip is going to be a little further ...

How was your weekend?  What was the highlight?  Did you eat anything delicious this weekend?  Do you have any summer road trips planned?


Kacy said...

My weekend was awesome! It was my bachelorette party, and it was awesome. But now I hurt, haha.

sophia said...

YAY! you went to a Taste of...too!! Sounds like so much fun. I stayed away from the Korean food because I'm Korean enough (haha), but I'm not surprised you liked the Korean dish the best.

Love you, miss you...

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum - all of that food looks delicious! Sounds like a really really fun weekend.

I took a little road trip to Asheville which is about 2 hours away. It is SO beautiful there - I was blown away!! I am not sure what the highlight of my weekend was. Maybe kayaking? Food and beverage wise, my highlight might have been the watermelon drink I had on Friday night. It had tequila in it and it was SO good.

Mom on the Run said...

I need to come visit you. That festival looks amazing. I love being able to sample different types of cuisine. Looks like you all had a great time.