Monday, July 1, 2013

No More Food!

I am full.  After what felt like a week of parties/events at work, a seafood celebration on Friday, and more indulging over the weekend, I don't think I want to see rich foods for a long time!

That being said, celebrating on Friday was pretty great!

We started with tuna sashimi.

This was followed by escargot.

Finally we had Alaskan king crab legs; they barely fit on this over-sized cookie sheet.

Breakfast on Saturday was half of a bagel with some yogurt and toppings.  This kept us full until dinner, which was at Korea House.

I took some of my bee bim bop home and saved a little room to try Menchies frozen yogurt.  We shared about $3 worth, before heading out to see This is the End.

Sunday morning started out with a southern-inspired breakfast, including a crawfish omelet, bacon, grits and beet lemonade!  

The fullness had kicked in by this point, as we barely made a dent in this breakfast.  We didn't eat again until later in the evening when we got together with family for a low key BBQ and a visit.  Although the food was great, I didn't eat much there either.

It's been decided, we're existing on primarily fruits and veggies for the month of July!  I don't want to see sugar, salt, or fat for at least a few weeks.

How was your weekend?  What was the highlight?  
Do you ever get sick of food after a period of indulgence?


Kacy said...

Even though I love rich, decadent food I definitely need a healthy meal or two in between them to balance things out. All that food looks wonderful though!

Allysia said...

BIBIMBAP! Ahhhhh, I should go out and buy some (or just make some, but that's less fun). And beet lemonade sounds pretty badass. And I know what you mean about getting sick of rich food, especially in the summer!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I get sick of indulgent food after eating out multiple days in a row. Most weeks I eat really basic foods so my stomach can't handle several rich meals in a row. Looks like you have had some delicious eats lately, though!