Thursday, January 17, 2013

Potato. Yo.

A few months ago we took a little trip out to Moose Jaw, mostly to visit the olive oil/balsamic vinegar store/tasting room, Oliv.  We bought some of the zesty onion, extra virgin olive oil.

Tonight we used this to make some of the delicious potatoes that I've gotten to enjoy a few times at Christopher's parents' house.  

We threw some quartered potatoes in a oven-safe dish, and filled it with oil about half way up the potatoes.  It went in to a 400 F oven for about 45 minutes, and we turned them every 15 minutes or so.  These basically taste like French fries, and are great with ketchup, or just straight up. 

We had herb crusted chicken breasts, and salad too.


We'll definitely be picking up more oils from Oliv next time we are in MJ - the potatoes were fantastic.  

I got a coconut balsamic vinegar in New York in April, but still haven't used much of it.  We'll have to come up with something to do with that next!

Have you ever tried a flavoured olive oil?  Flavoured balsamic?  
What is your favourite way to enjoy potatoes?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have not tried a flavored olive oil, but I think I would like it! Maybe one with rosemary would be good?

I love potatoes. My favorite way might just be mashed potatoes. I could eat those every day. I also love french fries. Yum!

DessertForTwo said...


I'm pretty much addicted to meyer lemon olive oil, and sometimes red pepper flake olive oil. Just add cooked spaghetti, tons of pecorino and black pepper and dinner is served!

Allysia said...

Oooh, I also recently found a store that sells fancy oils and vinegars - too much fun. I got this lavender balsamic which is incredible.

Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong with some roasted potatoes, my favorite

Kacy said...

I feel like I've tried infused olive oil before but never flavored balsamic. I need to!

Ameena said...

I had some amazing flavored olive oil in Brussels...if I hadn't been doing the carry-on only thing I would have brought a whole bunch back!

The potatoes look delicious.