Sunday, January 20, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Pot-Luck

Last night we went to a Post-Apocalyptic themed pot-luck dinner.  The drinks and food were supposed to fit the theme.  We brought mini stuffed pitas, which we called Charred Corpse Pitas (the charred corpse was crisp bacon).  They were a hit!  Another appetizer that was a bit hit were the Ritz cracker, macaroni, bacon topped cupcake looking things.  Ahhh yeah!

I think I had three.

I also really liked the death toll casserole.

Everything was so good - we were stuffed and happy after this meal.

Even our drinks fit the theme ...

The best part about this party (aside from the eats) was that many of the guests were musicians, and very talented ones at that.  I spent the remainder of the evening grooving to the bluegrass etc. that Christopher and his pals were playing.  Definitely the highlight of my weekend.

How was your weekend?
Do you like pot-luck dinners?


Kacy said...

What a fun idea! Sounds like a blast!
I love pot lucks!
My weekend was pretty good, aside from being exhausted.

Allysia said...

Charred corpse pitas? Lol! Also I really like the look of those cupcake things! And why was it called the 'death toll casserole'? It's been a while since I've hung out with musicians - I need to find some musician friends here! And beer. Mike and I made a deal, no vices until Feb. 1 (beer being high up on the list, ha ha).

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My weekend was very low key, which is just what i needed. i made 2 batches of soup (chicken wild rice and vegetable beef) so now I have yummy leftovers!

I like potlucks, but because of my gluten intolerance, it doesn't really work well for me to eat much at them as I don't really know what does or doesn't have gluten in it.