Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 Happy New Year!

For the past week I have basically been living on turkey noodle soup.  Throw in one great dinner party, some bee bim bop and a few pieces of baking, and you have my eats since Christmas.

Last night the hubby and I wanted a low-key new years eve celebration.

I didn't want to get crazy ...

I just wanted to get together with a few close friends, sip on some pretty drinks, and eat good food.


We cooked up some steak, shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops and veggies on a raclette grill, and made some broiled cheese toasts under the grill.  When doing raclette you need to get the grill really hot.  Then it is absolutely mandatory to slather it in obscene amounts of garlic butter.  You can grill anything your heart desires, and broil all sorts of creations at the same time. 


We had a fun evening with three close friends, and it was a nice way to ring in 2011.

I woke up late today and ate turkey noodle soup for brunch.  This evening I made Averie's Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos and Veggies.  I followed her recipe almost exactly, but couldn't find the Mrs. Dash spice she used, so I made my own combination, and added some fresh lime juice and red pepper, along with the optional pineapple.

It was creamy, flavourful, healthy and vegan!  
A nice break from my cheese-filled December.

10 in 2010 - How did I do?

Last year I made 10 goals for 2010.  Some I accomplished, some I failed miserably at - it's all good.

1) Learn to run
 I did my best, and didn't really like it.  But I did run a 5K! Goal Accomplished!
2) Run a half marathon in September 
I didn't enjoy my 5K, so this wasn't going to happen. Fail.
3) Read books for fun
 I did some of this, but not as much as I wanted to. 1/2 way accomplished.
4) Find some type of system to organize my recipes 
I got my recipes organized this summer into a giant binder with pouches, and sections etc..  
Goal Accomplished!
5) Travel to at least 2 new places 
I went to NY and San Fransisco this year!  Goal Accomplished!
6) Get accepted into grad school
 Got in and 3 classes done! Goal Accomplished! 
7) Have dinner parties on a regular basis 
You bet!  Goal Accomplished!
8) Learn to swim well 
I went swimming once this entire year.  I just didn't have time. Fail.
9) Take some sort of class just for me 
Couldn't find a cooking or dance class to take :-( Fail.
10) Post operation beautiful notes
 Nope.  Didn't do it. Didn't try. Epic Fail.

5.5/ 10 ... I passed! 

It is a good thing I do better in grad school than I do at accomplishing my New Years goals. 

11 in 2011 - What will I try to do?

1) Finish 4 more grad classes.  I did 3 in one semester this past fall, but I want to take more time for myself this year, so 4 is a reasonable goal (1 in the winter, 2 in the summer, and 1 in the fall).  At this rate I will finish my Masters in 2 years, while working full time.

2) Decide on a thesis topic and begin thesis research. This is going to be really tough, but it has to be done.  I am not looking forward to it.

3) Make one new recipe per week (most weeks).

4) Read books for me (not just for school). This is a carry over from last year, as I only half-way accomplished this.

5) Take a class just for me (not school related).  Another carry over.

6) Host some new types of parties/ meals (shower, cocktail party, tea party, luncheon).

7) Give running one last fair shot.  I am going to try the C25K one more time, and possibly do a 5K again.

8) Be productive this summer.  I always have 2 months off in the summer, and I rarely feel productive.  This summer I want to change that, and do something with my time.

9) Go on 2 out-of-country trips. We are planning to go to NY over Easter, so I hope that works out, and then I would love to go somewhere between Christmas and New Years.

10) Do some home renovations: including new flooring in the bedrooms and hallway, touching up all the paint, and nagging the hubby to install the new basement windows.

11) Make sure my hubby's 30th birthday this year is memorable, as well as my dad's 70th, and my sister and her fiance's wedding.  This year is full of BIG days, and I am looking forward to them all.

What is one thing you want to accomplish in 2011 big or small?


Jessica @ Dairyfreebetty said...

I think all your goals sound great!!
Also I don't think you failed those other things, your priories just changed!! ;)

my big thing is to get off the couch. with the commuting, school and life, I have been so couch bound, but I miss being in shape! haha :)

My other one is to be more positive and look at the opportunities in everything!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh those are lofty grad school goals!!! Good for you! I think our new years goal posts are going to look very similar as I also have running/gradschool/ reading goals and want to find a cooking class to wonder we get along so well!

Astrid said...

I also planned on rnning a half marathon. But I don't like running. So I didn't go through with it either. Not a big deal. You have inspired me to put together my recipes in something physical. Probably some type of scrapbook with my favorites. So that is a new goal for this year!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

aww, thanks for blogging about my recipe and glad you liked it! it turned out really good looking for you! makes me want to make it again :)

i love your intentions and plans for the year...the trips, home renovations, all that jazz...have fun!

for me, i plan to pay off credit card debt. i need it..gone!


Amber said...

Those are great goals!! You do have a lot of big dates to look forward to in 2011!

Anonymous said...

You've got a great group of goals - especially #11! That's going to make for one hell of a year!

I want to do some (running) races too! I run all the time but have only ever done one 5K and that was years ago!

Natalie @ Perry's Plate said...

Wow, look at you! I don't even remember what my New Years goals were by December. I'm going to be better this year. You've inspired me :)

Looks like you had a nice, quiet (my kind of) New Year!

Simply Life said...

Looks like you did a great job with goals last year and had another fun dinner party!

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

I hope your New York trip happens so I get to meet you!!! Happy New Year friend!

Kat said...

Looks like you did pretty well on last years goals! All your new goals are totally achievable, I know you can do it!! Reading a book I WANT to read is always something I try to do when in school. There was a span of like 2 years when all I was reading was textbooks. BORING!

~ Diana ~ said...

Girl you did kick ass! My goal is to treat myself kindly! No more depressive days!

Kacy said...

I love your goals. Very well-rounded :)

Evan Thomas said...

Good luck on your goals! Picking and writing a thesis is always scary, but so long as it's something you're passionate about it'll be great I'm sure.

Melissa @ Made in Melissa's Kitchen said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals this year, you are definitely ambitious! :)

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I've never had raclette cheese but it looks so good!

I think you did awesome on your goals. It's so tough to meet them all!

Completing your masters while working full-time is no easy feat. I plan on applying to grad school once I start teaching full-time. I'm nervous!

Anonymous said...

Great 2011 goals, girl!
You can sure do them all...
Happy New Year!

Kris | said...

You can do all of your amazing goals for 2011!! i love seeing what you have planned for your year ahead!

Hahaha, i love this pic of you....I know why I like you so. There are many pics of me like this :)


Bea said...

Hi there..I'm a new reader to your blog....I love it :)

Hmm...raclette. My family does this on a regular basis. This is a very popular meal from the part of Germany I come from. I love it..great way to socialize and have fun during meal time.

As for your 2010 goals..they aren't failures, just weren't meant to be. At least you have a whole other year to accomplish them if you'd like. Your 2011 goals sounds very doable.

Christina said...

cute leg warmers! that rice looks soooo creamy and good!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum - that dish that you made looks delish. I might have to try it out.

I love that your goal is 1 new recipe/week and mine is 1/month! :) I am not as ambitious, though, and tend to make the same things over and over and over again. And I really only cook once a week and then live on like microwaved baked potatoes the rest of the week...

Here's to a fantastic 2011!

The Fajdich Times said...

Mmmmmm Raclette....I have never tried anything from a Raclette Grill. Looks interesting. Happy New Year:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun NYE! I can't believe we're in 2011 already! I want to get my pre baby body back this year :)

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Your NY sounds like so much fun!