Thursday, January 20, 2011


Is there a better food?

What food is more versatile and as widely loved as cheese? What food will keep kids from moving out of their parent's homes? What food can ignite as much pleasure as cheese? (well, other than chocolate).

The hubby and I discovered a new cheese recently while shopping at a specialty cheese shop.  It is called Drunken Goat Cheese.  This is a Spanish cheese that is soaked in red wine (how awesome is that!!?) for a few days, which causes it to develop a thin purple rind. 

Drunken Goat is a flavourful cheese and one of my new favourites.
I snacked on a few pieces this week.

I even put some in my chicken soup yesterday :-)


Don't judge.

What else have I been eating the last couple days?

Turkey sandwiches, veggie and fruit packed smoothies, glo-bars, fruit (oranges, pears, grapefruit) and a couple cabbage rolls.  I also nibbled on a small piece of baking at work and a couple of chips.

What are 3 of your favourite kinds of cheese?  
What is the most unusual cheese you have tried?

My faves are goat cheese, drunken goat, and Gruyere.  


:Deliciously Healthy said...

No. There is not. I love cheese!

Anonymous said...

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I've never really liked cheese. You know those people who slice off a hunk of cheddar and just eat it? GROSS! Hahaha... that said, I never did mind a slice of good havarti in a sandwich!

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

Drunken Goat Cheese sounds great! My three favorites are goat gouda, brie and sharp cheddar - nice and simple!

Amber said...

I LOVE CHEESE! Goat cheese is my favourite :-)

Astrid said...

Goat cheese, blue cheese, and sharp cheddar. These are also the easiest the access and use for me. I would love to go to a real cheese tasting so that I can taste lots of cool cheeses. The drunken goat sounds amazing. I actually just had a piece of cheddar with an apple. I love cheese.
I don't think I have ever tried a truly strange type of cheese. Maybe I should buy myself a cool cheese this weekend? That is actually an excellent idea.

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

back in my cheese eating days i used to love brie and goat's. These days, no cheese...and honestly, i dont miss it. I know, crazy, but i dont!

Simply Life said...

oh that cheese does sound amazing!

Alanna said...

mmmm mmmm mmmmm! Goat cheese, parmigiano reggiano, and plain ol' cheddar!

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

We just tried that cheese last weekend ourselves!! We've bought it for a get-together with friends, and have been slicing off of it all week long ourselves...SO good!

Have you ever had Sage Derby? It's one of my favorites! It freaks people out because it's green, but it is SO good!

Anonymous said...

I love cheese! I don't know if I have three favorite-it's hard to choose!

Kacy said...

That's hard!

Parmesiano Reggiano

Kris | said...

ok, so since going vegan and finding out my dairy allergy, I do really miss cheese. It is good and tasty....

My favourite is the apple smoked cheddar. SIGH. Freaking fantastic!


Alaina said...

I can only narrow it down to four:
- parmigiano-reggiano
- Extra old (I'm talking six years) Canadian cheddar
- Cambozola
- Beemster (aged Gouda)

The last one I have heard referred to as "candy for adlts" by the owner of Bulk Cheese Warehouse in Moose Jaw. Candy indeed!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Let's see... 3 fave cheese? Where do I start?

1. A good sharp cheddar
2. parmegiano reggiano
3. Chamembert

Yum! I am having a cheese plate at my 30th bday party - can't wait to shop for (and eat) some awesome french cheese! :)

Bea @ Beaglebea said...

Drunken cheese? Sounds cool. I don't have a favorite, but love the following:
- Saltspring Island Goat Cheese with truffle
- Dill Havarti
- Parmigiano-reggiano
- German Butter Cheese

Cheese is one of the best things in the world.

Unknown said...

We have a cool cheese shop in MJ that I like to go to...but I love dill havarti, goat cheese, and I tried Gruyere the other day and it's not bad!

Anonymous said...

i love all fatty spreadable cheese! BRIEEE melted is my faveeee and gruerye on sandwiches!!! Did you book your nyc flight yet? GO TO LEVAIN BAKERRRYYYYY

sophia said...

I want to say drunken goat, but I've never tried it sounds delish!

But right now, my fave cheeses are:

1) Goat
2) Brie
3) fresh mozzarella!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jolene
i'm not sure why the pictures aren't showing up
visiting your blog is torture for me because of the diet.
if you're interested you can add me on facebook, i'll tell you all about it! there's a link to my page on the left sidebar :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God - YES! LOVE cheese! I used to have Mozzarella as my fave - but now GOAT wins for sure - in hard and "crumbly" forms ;). I've never tried Brie...but might give it a try...

What are those GLO bars like?!