Tuesday, January 25, 2011

7 Random Facts & Reader Survey


hanks to Joanne over at MostlyFitMom for giving me this award:

In order to accept the blogger award I must tell you 7 random facts about myself, and then pass the award on to some new wonderful bloggers.

7 Random Facts 

1) I hate cold pizza.  It is nasty.

2) I like rap music.

3) I have never broken a bone, and neither has anyone in my family.

4) My favourite fruit juice is pink grapefruit/ ruby red.

5) I love chipped black nail polish.

6) I hate wearing all jewelry except rings (I also hate wearing watches and sunglasses).

7) I always have the best sleeps when I sleep outside in a tent.

I haven't had a chance recently to scope out many new blogs, but I do have a friend who is relatively new to the blogging world - Vanessa from AllTheThingsSheSays.  I would like to pass the award on to her!

Breakfast today was an old favourite, egg in a hole:

Lunch was leftover Caribbean rice from yesterday and yogurt with PB.

For dinner I made African Chicken Peanut Stew.  I prepared it yesterday and then just warmed it on the stove today.  It is full of sweet potatoes, chicken, peanut butter, and other wonderful things.

I didn't realize until I was done eating that I forgot to sprinkle the cilantro on top!!  The horror!!

I will have to remember the cilantro when I eat the leftovers.

Reader Survey

I would love to get to know my readers better!  
If you want, leave me a comment telling me:

Your name
Where you are from
A random fact about you


Anonymous said...

Crazyyy! Neither my brother nor I have ever broken a bone... I've actually never even had a stitch! I would be BESIDE MYSELF if that ever had to happen! I love rap music too... and movies where they play nothing but rap music like "How High", hahaha. Don't laugh, it's a classic!!

Beaglebea said...

Bea @ Beaglebea
Originally from Germany, but from Campbell River, BC.
Random fact: I love chocolate, but can't stand candy.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Egg in a hole = Classic

I am Casey
I am from, well- everywhere- originally Baltimore presently Denver and temporarily Melbourne, AUS
A random thing about me is that I am a fainter.
So therefore, I don't have to watch my salt intake cos it keep my blood sugar stabilized :)

Eden said...

I hate cold pizza too, bleh!
I feel like you already know me haha! but I will indulge you with a random fact.
I can recite the whole script of "Clueless", I'm not proud of it though...

Simply Life said...

wow, that is impressive that you sleep better in a tent!

Anonymous said...

heyyyy jolene!! I'm sure you know me!

texas (united states)
I was in love with Macaulay culkin

ps. how dare you not like cold pizza!

Autumn @Good Eats Girl said...

I also hate cold pizza! I'm not a fan at all!!

Kacy said...

Oklahoma City though I'm about to move to D.C.
Random fact - I LOVE cold pizza. It's like my favorite food. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award! My name is Anne Marie, I'm from Philly and a random fact.....I LOVE cold pizza! lol

winkingannie said...

Annie, from Denver. Random fact: I do not like juice (unless it is fresh squeezed passion fruit and I am drinking it in Hawaii). :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love reading people's lists of random facts! :)

My name is Lisa, I am originally from North Dakota but live in Minneapolis now. My random fact is that my middle name was supposed to be Suzanne but then my initials would have been LSD and my parents WERE NOT ok with that! So now it's Anne. Boring!

Maryann said...

Hi! This is actually the first time i've checked out your blog but im loving it so far! Im Maryann, from southern California, and random fact is that I cant sleep without a fan on!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. This made me laugh because we're pretty different with respect to your random facts. I broke a bone in my hand when I was 18, am okay with cold pizza, feel naked without a watch and my wedding ring but don't wear much other jewelry, and never sleep well in a tent. But I figure the world would be pretty boring if we were all the same. :) Oh, and I live in Saskatoon, but I'm from a small town in east central Sask.

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

YAY! blogger awards!!

You already know all this stuff about me.

Random fact though - Kris from I heart Wellness is making me a mini cake/ pie thingy for me to take to mexico so I can have cake at my wedding!! hehe :) So fun!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jolene that is so nice of you!!!!

And I haven't broken any bones either but my brother was a walking disaster when he was a kid so he broke enough for the both of us. ha.

Your PB dishes look delicious!

Kath (Eating for Living) said...

Hi Jolene! I just stumbled across your blog! :D Your chicken and peanut stew looks absolutely delicious, but cilantro isn't my cup of tea so much. I find it tastes a little like soap. ;)

Kris | iheartwellness.com said...

Your too cute!!

I like rap music too.....my nail polish chips easily {not intentional, but it takes me forever to remove it!}

I love wearing sunglasses! My fave accessory!


Kelsey Ann said...

mmmm eggs in a hole :)

name: Kelsey from Snacking Squirrel ;)
location: Victoria B.C. Canada
random fact: ive never been into a night club or bar. and i really wanna change that lol

Lauri (redheadrecipes.com) said...

Hiya!! Its Lauri from RedHeadRecipes!! I live near Charleston,SC and a random fact....

I LOVE to listen/dancing to OLDIES while cooking/cleaning!!!