Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CSN Product Review & Stuffed Peppers

The people from CSN Stores sent me some Rachel Ray Nylon Turners to review.  I used the turners to make my eggs on Monday morning:

I had my eggs with a slice of toast, and had a chicken breast, rice, orange and a babybel cheese for lunch.

Last night at dinner I made sausage and peppers on rice.  I used the Rachel Ray Nylon Turners when making this dish. 

I have used this product quite a few times since I received it a few weeks ago, and I must say, I am NOT a fan of it.  The turners are SO flimsy, that they are really not good for anything.  I made pancakes and eggs, and other light foods, and the turners were still too bendy and flimsy to be effective.  Both my husband and I agree that this product is useless.  If you have tried them and you know something that they are good for, I'd love to hear it!  Rachel Ray - you need better turners/ flippers - these suck!

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of loaded oats:

Lunch was an Amy's burrito and a babybel cheese.

This evening I made stuffed peppers for dinner.  I stuffed them with orzo, bacon, goat cheese, tomato, garlic, parsley, and shrimp.  I topped them with Parmesan.

This evening I baked 3 loaves of Angela's pumpkin ginger bread with spiced butter-cream.  
This stuff is to-die-for!

Have you done any holiday baking yet?  
What holiday treat is traditional for you?

I also made chocolate mountains tonight - but they are for a guest post I am doing at Simply Life.  I will send you the link when the post is live.


Amber said...

Oh no! Bummer about the flippers but thanks for the super honest review :)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I made vegan chocolate chip cookies with the Chipits mint-flavored chocolate chips... amazing. Then today I made shortbread cookies for my Dad... not my cuppa tea but they made the house smell good! I can't wait to bake more!!!

Jessica @ Dairyfreebetty said...

I love your honest review!! It's so cute and totaly made me laugh...

lynn said...

thank you for the review on the turners - every time i see her use them on the show i want some, but now i know i can just save my $$$

Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Those stuffed peppers look SO delicious and cheesy!!

I did the first of my holiday baking yesterday! Gotta pace myself ;-)

Faith @ lovelyascharged said...

Sorry about the Rachel Ray flop, but at least the peppers look phenomenal! Orzo is so delish, you get the best of rice and noodles in one little package!

Kat said...

MMM love stuffed peppers!! Sorry your product review wasnt that great :( I have a bunch of holiday baking to do this weekend. I have a party saturday night. I plan on bringing pumpkin bread and christmas sugar cookies. I have another creative idea up my sleeve, but we will see if that one works!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for the honest review on that product... good thing you got them for free and didn't spend money on them! Sounds like a crappy product!

I haven't done any holiday baking and probably won't... Last year I made peanut butter balls since I was going home for Christmas and wanted to bring a treat that I could have (I can't have gluten so pretty much all of the holiday treats are off limits for me). But this year, my parents are coming here and will only be here for about a day so I really don't want to have these calorie-laden treats sitting around my house!

Kacy said...

Those peppers look great! I love orzo.

Eden said...

Never trust Rachel Rae! She even has her own brand of olive oil! (or EVOO, excuse me while I gag).

I grew up without an oven in the house, just toaster oven. Its not like we were poor, we just never got around to installing one! So yea, not much baking in my family!