Friday, June 4, 2010

A Smashing Good Weekend


hope that everyone had a great weekend! The hubby and I had a jam-packed weekend!

Friday Eats:

Breakfast was oatmeal. Lunch was soup, salad, and a couple pieces of bread from
East Side Mario's:

After work we headed to the airport for our flight to Calgary. I had a glass of red wine, and a small bag of bits and bites. Dinner was chicken, fries, and a bun from Swiss Chalet. I had a Caesar (drink) later on that night.

Saturday morning we had breakfast in the hotel. I had a veggie omelet with some bacon and toast. I snacked on a cookie while I got ready for the wedding - our hotel had a bakery in it, and they left cookies for us in our room each day :-)

The hubby's cousin's wedding was beautiful, and the food was fantastic!

(Danish wedding cake)

I danced the night away. It was a blast!! I sipped on a few beer, and some champagne throughout the night. I had a small bun with turkey at the midnight lunch.

(Me and my sister in-law).

This morning started out good. We got up, had some coffee, and were about to head to our friend's place for brunch. While the hubby was pulling out of his dad's parking spot, he accidentally hit a pole and scraped the whole side of his dad's precious vehicle. The side mirror, and part of the hood went flying off, and the fender was knocked off as well. Oooops.

That wasn't the greatest way to start the morning ... but luckily my father in law is a kind man. He wasn't mad. My sister in law drove us to our friends for brunch.

Our friends Ryan and Tanis made a lovely meal. We had eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, baking, lattes, and mimosas. It was delish!!

(Whipped cream to top the fruit with).

After a nice brunch, we headed to the airport for our flight home. I had a blended light frappuccino and a small bag of bits and bites.

When we got home this evening we ordered pizza. I had a few slices of the veggie pizza.

We have another busy week ahead, and our good friends' wedding coming up on the weekend! There are not a lot of married couples in our group of friends ... only us, and one other couple. I am so glad we will be adding a third!!

Are most of your friends married? Single? Kids? No kids?


Anonymous said...

Man the car incident brings back lots of memories for me. I've had my fair share of accidents in my time :-)

eleni said...

Too many goodies... so you cannot but had a smashing weekend... hope to enjoy the next weekend too...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you busted that car! :P BTW lovely eats and I do love weddings! A ton of my friends are already married and a ton are single! I'm like right smack in the middle by being in a relationship!

Simply Life said...

what a fun wedding - love that cake!

Lindsay @ said...

I love the black and white decor of the wedding tables. I have a huge mix of married and single friends. Most don't have kids yet!

Kat said...

Sorry to hear about the car!! I LOVE the black and white table runner though. How cute. None of my close friends are married yet...but my hubby and I got married pretty young. It does make things kind of hard sometimes, because people seem to think that now we are married they cant hang out with us like they used to. So frustrating!!

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday said...

Danish wedding cake?! How cool!

Amber said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! That cake looks so cool!

Most of my friends are single, but we are all in our early twenties so that's expected I think. I'm the only one of my close friends with a long-term boyfriend!

Kacy said...

The only close married friend I have is my SIL, so that doesn't really count. I'm actually looking forward to them all getting married because I love weddings!

Sorry about the accident. That is definitely not a good start to the day :(

All your eats look amazing! YUM!

Amanda Adams said...

That wedding cake is really interesting. Never seen anything like it.

I'd have to say that most of my friends are single. Maybe that's because they're all college kids like me. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! Most of my friends are married. I feel old! lol

Anonymous said...

None of my friends from college are even engaged!

Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

whipped cream and berries, mimosas, the cake...oh all are stunning! love the pics of you too :)