Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Tuesday everyone ... is it just me, or is this week dragging already!!?

The kids at school have been a little more rowdy than usual - must be a full moon!

This morning I made myself a green monster with 2x the amazing grass:

My morning snack was some cheese, and an apple sauce:

For lunch I had Anne's mac and cheese:

And an orange:

I was really hungry this afternoon at work, so it was a good thing I had a glo-bar in my purse. I inhaled this little sucker around 3:00:

The hubby and I were going to have cabbage rolls for dinner, but they were not thawed. I left them in the fridge all day, and I guess that wasn't long enough. Instead I whipped up a quick veggie and chickpea curry:

(Onions, peppers, baby corn, mushrooms, red curry paste, coconut milk, and a little chicken broth - served over bulger).

For those who haven't tried bulger, it is a great whole grain - I prefer it to quinoa and cous cous for sure. It is super easy to make too ... you just put 1 cup bulger, and 3 cups water in a pot, bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat to low, put a lid on and time it for 20 minutes. Presto, tender, delicious bulger in no time!!

I feel like I have a LOT to do this week, even though it really isn't a lot ... I just need to get to work on it!

To-Do List

- Clean the office
- Grad School Application (complete and submit)
- Order transcripts
- Drop off lab keys at the university
- Put away Christmas gifts!
- Go to the bank
- Friends b-day party on Friday :-)

What is something on your to-do list for the week?
Do you make lists?

I am a habitually list maker, however I rarely remember to check things off my lists!


Shauna Morrison said...

I make lists all the time. Unfortunately, they are mental lists so things certainly never get checked off.

Jasmine @ Eat Move Write said...

I love mac n cheese. What a great lunch.

Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

I am SUCH a list maker. All the time, lists here and there. I rarely manage to check everything off of mine though because I think I tend to overdo it with my lists and put way too much stuff on them! Oh well. Sometimes lists really do make me feel better but other times they stress me out even more! Haha

Devan said...

this week is dragging by!! bleh!

Simply Life said...

wow, curry with bulgar sounds amazing! I love that you just put that together - I don't know where to begin when it comes to curry!

Anonymous said...

i make lists when I find myself not able to sleep cause of all the things I have to do. Btw I wanna try bulgar!! Anyways, why are you applying to grad school again? I thought you were just done!!!?!

Anonymous said...

Mmm the curry looks wonderful.

I have to do lists at work, I like to be organised.


Kacy said...

I keep meaning to make bulgar and I keep forgetting. I need to make it soon!

I make more lists than I know what to do with. I need to pay some bills bad, so that's definitely on there right now!

Jess2Impress said...

That curry looks awesome... Mmm curry craving!


Anais said...

OMG - cabbage rolls!!!! Do you make them from scratch?? And if so, could you post a recipe??

That's one of the next few recipes I want to make. I had some over Christmas and ooooomg they were so delicious! I believe that particular recipe had lard and a lot of fat so I want to recreate a healthy one...

Anonymous said...

I make lists in my head. I should really start writing them down though because I stress myself out over it more than I'd like to.

Anonymous said...

man, I love me some curry. I am a major list maker. I have a Moleskin entirely devoted to my lists!